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Why not take over a 3rd Party?

I was at the UCLA rally when Dr. Paul filled the place. We don't have a dog in this race, except Garry Johnson to split the now determined vote. The Republican's aren't going to let us in and they have imploded anyway. Their ideas suck and everyone knows it. McCain was a stronger candidate, so expect 4 more years of Obama.

I think swaying voters to the Libertarian (or another party), is easier then Republican anyway. I have encouraged a lot friends here in California to switch to Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries, many wouldn't on principal, even though they love Ron Paul. They despise the Republican Party.

We could make a 3rd party into a first, it's been done before. Everyone knows that both parties are bought and paid for and they would love a real choice.

I also go to Occupy events and they want the same thing as the liberty movement too. What do think?

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There's nothing fundamentally wrong with the idea. It's just

that there are too many people here who are as anti-third party as they are anti-Obama or anti-Romney or pro-Paul.

And they are vehement and adamant about it.

If you got 10% to go with you(I'm already there) I'd consider it a successful pitch.