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Democrats are the most inclusive party ever Daily Show Exclusive

Take a look at this very funny clip from the Daily Show.


*By that I mean they are some of the most exclusionary people on Earth.

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Love dailyshow. It's great. :D

Great! Now I know...

...who I WON'T be helping to protect with my big scawy gun if and when the time arrives...

Thats nothing.The Sept 6th

Thats nothing.

The Sept 6th show covered the Teleprompter Democracy, and also a Larry David peice


Here is the short clip about

Here is the short clip about the amendments



This cracked me up-

"...and no gun owners."

"so a 146,000,000 are out?"

But he gets no reaction like it didn't register. What a hoot!

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

For the first half of the

For the first half of the segment I was expecting the answers of "including everyone" as a lead up to the clip where the chair at the DNC ignores the nay's and passes the motion.


...no seriously...lol

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"Can you say that more dismissively?"


She was my favorite hypocrite.

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

Never read the constitution

To me this was more "scary" than funny, because so many of the ignorant masses actually think like the ones in the vid.
So many have never actually researched history and also have not read their constitution.
Really SAD that people actually do think like the ones in the vid.
Makes me very concerned about the future of Amerika.


They have many alcoholics from what I have seen.

They have to drink to forget their sins against their fellow man and know that they serve no productive factor in the daily functions of society for the most part. This is why they have such lousy family lives.

They should be paying their fellow citizens for being given the chance to be employed to give them some meaning for their lives.

Rarely have I ever witnessed such ill prepared and idling peoples. Again, they should be paying Starbucks for giving them something to do. lol


Just goes to show.

Hypocrisy is indeed funny.


Nicely done, John Stewart and staff!


Makes me want to go buy a gun.

I saw a billboard in Tennessee for a cute pink one.

Your my

kinda gal. Ha!

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Great job JS!

People need to see the party of "tolerance" for the party of intolerance it has become.... The party of JFK has now become the party of self perceived and self absorbed socially correct arrogance....

yep! kind of like, well....

all the other parties. LOL!



That was funny.