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Obama attacks the energy industry through truckers

Obama's backdoor attack on fracking

The EPA is still conducting studies that environmentalists hope will someday justify draconian regulations on fracking. Enter Obama's Transportation Department. By suddenly reinterpreting a 50-year-old rule that limits truck drivers to 11 hours on the work site at a stretch, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has delivered an unexpected victory for environmental activists.

Truckers on drilling sites spend hours each day waiting around until one rig or another needs water or sand. This is why, ever since the 11-hour trucking safety rule was adopted in 1962, truckers who haul water and sand to drilling sites have been exempted. There is no issue of road fatigue, the focus of the 11-hour rule. The Transportation Department's reinterpretation eliminates this exemption, disproportionately affecting sites where fracking is employed. Voila - environmental regulation without the hassles of justifying it scientifically, as would be required for an EPA action.

I heard about this change to the hours of service a few months ago and I was scratching my head. But with it in this context, it makes perfect sense.

With progressivism, nothing is as it seems. This is evil. Progressivism is evil. It's not about safety, and it's not about paychecks either. Not only do they hurt truckers personally in the wallet, but they hurt us all by continuing to drive up energy prices. Obama said before he got elected that his plans would cause energy prices to "necessarily skyrocket", and he has made good on that promise.