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So you are completely exhausted and frustrated because of Tampa

So you are completely exhausted and frustrated because of Tampa and confused about what to do next.

Remember that word "accountable"? Do you even remember that "We the People" are the ones who are supposed to be responsible for holding elected politicians accountable?

Has an effort been made to flood the following with complaint letters, or even protest in front of the buildings that "We the Taxpayers" have paid for (hopefully drawing media attention)?

Bob McDonnell
John Boehner
Reince Priebus
and others...

It doesn't matter WHO gets elected president, or any other position. They will do what they want to do because nobody makes an effort to exorcise their duty to hold their elected bodies accountable.

Instead of going off in 10 different directions looking to "mold" a candidate who you didn't even support, why isn't everybody proving to Dr. Paul that we are capable of defending our Constitution and holding our politicians to the ground?

Or have those rallies been for nothing? Instead of rallying into the thousands to hear the same speech again and again, why not utilize our numbers to protest the wrong-doings and try to get a reversal?

Or is it that you truly believe that politicians control the masses and not the other way around?

Attention people! This is a wake up call!

Can we PLEASE finish what we started???????????????????????????

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Bump for awesome headline

but a certain period of post-election fatigue is natural.

www.AfterPaul.com is one response.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Getting Audit the Fed S. 202 to a vote

in the Senate is one thing we all should be able to
agree on and pushing for.

Regardless of who we are voting for, we can support
the Liberty movement, Dr. Paul's decades of work for sound
money and Fed accountability, and the country in general
by getting this passed.

This is something that people of many political persuasions
could support and a good chance to reach out to them.

But the time frame is critical and we need to regain the
momentum we had after the House victory. It's pretty
much a given that Harry Reid doesn't want this to come to
a vote, but if it doesn't get out of committee in won't matter

At this point we do not have a single Democrat co-sponsor
and it is not going to fly if we don't get any... so let's
get out there and round 'em up!


Doing NOTHING Is Not An Option - Notes From a Farmer

As a small internet based biz owner I've been pretty bummed out this past week, so much so I've had boxes and boxes of fresh tomatoes going to waste on the kitchen floor somehow they never made it into salsa and into those glass canning jars... half of tomatoes and peppers have spoiled no thanks to my glum moodiness.

Yesterday I looked at my options, including doing NOTHING as an option. I didn't like the feeling of doing nothing, and note that the fruit flies will SOON over take my home if I delay much more. So TODAY... I TOOK A HUGE (by my standards) GAMBLE ON A NEW BIZ VENTURE. HUGE... I MEAN HUGE BABY. I'll update the progress in a few weeks when I see what develops from the seeds I'm planting today.

As any farmer will tell ya... if YOU do not till the ground, and plant new seed each growing season you're not gonna see much of a harvest down the road. Right this moment It's almost midnight, but damnit I'm gonna head to the kitchen and tear into those maters and who knows I just might have some garden fresh salsa for my breakfast omlette :)

Laugh Hard, Hang Tough, Lend a Hand
Ramblin Randy


to sow more seeds.

-quiet engineer


We are too busy pretending that Ron is still running, arguing about immigration, and Johnson circle jerking.

We can't take this shite lying down

Or they'll continue to walk all over us. We know that corrupt people within the GOP broke lots of rules, and surely, they broke some laws as well. These people have to be publicly exposed, and some of them prosecuted if they broke the law. If we can't get any justice, the next logical step is 10th Amendment state Nullification. We have to start putting up a real fight against these crooks or we won't have anything left to fight for. Apparently, the Fed has started QE3, though they're calling it something else. And the establishment is getting ready to push Agenda 21. They're planning to take it all, folks. We have to do something besides just support presidential candidates.


If anything, what happened in Tampa

fueled my fire.

We must unite

Stop the infighting and get together, republicans, democrats, liberals, independents, libertarians, believers, atheists, blacks, whites, hispanics, men, woman, rich, poor.......................

It is all us against the few at the top.


so true. they love to see the infighting.

Divided we fall.

Hell NO!

I'm fired up and looking forward to voting NO on every unconstitutional legislation that comes to the committee and holding my fellow republicans to the constitutional oath they took!

Do what you want, and that's what I want to do.


Thank you, Granger.

Thank you, Granger.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir


It is sincerely my pleasure.


I'm getting a kick out of watching the DNC doing the same thing to the grassroots there..Wonder is all of a sudden the Liberty movement is going to get some angry Liberals calling and wanting to join forces finally to take everyone down lol..

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

tamtamfreedom's picture

All I gotta say is....



for action!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

to sum it up

the revolution gotta grow some feet !
the founders pledged their sacred honor and their wealth, lives to boot.
I guess the shoulda , woulda, couldas, will have their own tent in


Bump for a

good idea.