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Italian UFO Captured by Well-Known Photographer, Lisa Boccanera

I'm unsure whether to place this topic in science and technology or off-topic. Personally, I think this particular case deserves placement in science and technology although it's probably a paranormal phenomenon.

Boccanera is a well-known Italian photographer and she has captured some video of an unknown object. Judge for yourself.


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I have seen much better pictures.

For example, a lot of triangle UFO photos are quite clear. I took a photo at Fort McAllister, Georgia about five years ago that had a small circular UFO in the upper portion of the picture. I did not notice it until years later.

Light from orbiting satellites?

These UFO pictures are usually spots of light jumping around, much like a flash light does on a distant wall. Could they be reflections of light or LASER light coming from orbiting satellites? Its probably just the military tuning up their star wars satellites. It makes no sense that a vehicle would be jumping around so quickly in a random pattern, but a light projected from a distance would do exactly that.

The last object, in the uncut version,

looks like it has the movement of a flying insect. I'm going with insects on this one.

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Look Closely and You'll Clearly See It's ...

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's ass on fire as he scrapes along the night sky heading for his hidden man cave in Sardinia (see: http://abcnews.go.com/International/berlusconis-secret-under... ).

Just one question.

Where are the stars she was taking pictures of? I don't know but, it is strange that there aren't any stars in that video.

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i dont know

but when they say its from a pro photographer,i think hoax, they are masters of illusion,look at how real and lifelike they make movies these days. if this were filmed by the average joe with a camcorder who saw something,rushed to get his camera and got this for footage, then i would say, "interesting".but not really impressive, this could easily be a reflection on a window at night for all we know.nope,i aint buyin it.

UFO perhaps

alien no...



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I, also, have never seen

I, also, have never seen anything like that. The closeup actually shows windows. Wow.

Probably a quad doing a

Probably a quad doing a little night flying:


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