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Ron Paul vs Zeitgeist. Rap News video. If you're up for a good laugh...

Don't know how to embed. If someone can do the honors. Thank you.


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HAHA, I posted this a year

HAHA, I posted this a year ago, and it got shot down, I guess to some it's taken as it should be now, light hearted and a funny tribute! The Rap news does so many great videos, guys check out the rest of their vids!! Cleaver!!! These guys are something else, and expose the MSM bigtime!!

Judge Napolitano shared a

Judge Napolitano shared a video on his FB page. Went to their youtube page and found this and watched almost all of their Rap News videos in one sitting. These guys are great!

Embed and front page this please!

Embed and Front Page this please! OMFG, hilarious. This is the best rap vid since Keynes vs. Hayek.

This guy is my new favorite

This guy is my new favorite right now! I put it right up there with Keynes Hayek.

I found this

I found this playlist a while ago:


You might like it!