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How Silver Coins and Bars are Made vs. How Dollars are Made

This video highlights not just the scarcity of silver but of the extensive and expensive mining process that eventually leads to silver bars and coins.


And here is how dollars are created out of thin air and debt

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Another New Video Showing the arduous process of finding silver

Compare this to the ease of adding 000000's to a computer to create dollars

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Show this to any one who thinks that Silver is in a bubble

or that its too expensive.
Even if it is right now, as they continue to make dollars and mining companies continue the laborious and expensive process to get silver out of the ground, it won't be

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The price of Silver is lower than its 1980 price high!

name one commodity that is cheaper today than it was in 1980.

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the only way to make silver is in a dying star....it's not reproduceable by any other means known to man.

There is a reason that a 1964 quarter

is worth about $6

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Creating Dollars is so easy

not only do they not have to print the dollar bills, each digital creation of billions or trillions is then easily multiplied by a factor due to the concept of fractional reserve banking.
Dollar creation there for can make a run at creating an infinite amount of dollars

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Prechterites can't comprehend

Prechterites can't comprehend this.

nope in their minds money printing is not


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