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Vote for Goode or for Johnson - Convince Me

Preferably, I'd write-in Ron Paul's name.

But while that Ron Paul has not endorsed anyone yet, convince me...the average Ron Paul Supporter to vote for any of the two.

Pros & cons...It's your call.

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Take this very good quiz and find the candidate that is closest to your positions. Each set of answers also has an option for more detailed answers available for you to choose from. My top 3 were Ron Paul at 96%, Gary Johnson at 96%, and Virgil Goode at 81%.

I shall not try to convince

I shall not try to convince you to vote for anyone. Ultimately, it is up to you, as an individual to decide for yourself. I will write in Paul. That is my choice. I feel a vote for anyone else will result in more "humanitarian" wars and an economic meltdown.

Just vote third party

It does not matter who at this point.