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Evolution and Politics in the World

Evolution and Politics in the World

We are energy beings, created with the ability to evolve. There are many energy levels that we climb in our evolution, like a mountain climber scaling a mountain.

The lower energy levels of the mountain find us preoccupied with sexuality, appearance, emotions, ego, and power in the physical world. Those who are stuck at this level are the people who like accumulating money and possessions, sensual excitement, and power over others. Ego dominates. Love is possessive and jealous. Being territorial, tribal fighting, torture, rape, war, characterize this level of energy. The world has been functioning at this level for some time. The elite of the world still function at this level and would like to perpetuate this state of being so that they can have power over others in the world and accumulate wealth. Fear, authority, force, deceit, propaganda, mind control, is used to control others at this level, and keep them focused at a low energy level. This is the old energy that has tried to dominate the world throughout human history, and is still trying.

As we climb the mountain we become a different kind of energy being, more spiritual. The concerns of the lower levels no longer dominate and we now have a spiritual perspective as opposed to a physical perspective. We are more at peace and have an expanded perspective. Love becomes unconditional. The focus of the individual becomes one of caring for others, truth, cooperation, peace, empowering others, allowing others freedom of choice, freedom to create as we envision. This is the level Ron Paul and others like him are functioning at. There is no attempt to control others or accumulate wealth. There is no fear at this level. We seek to create a better world. The youth coming into the world are born more highly evolved and they seek that which matches their level, and they find Ron Paul and others like him. Nothing can stop an idea or a level of evolution whose time has come.

As we continue to climb the mountain we become higher energy. The focus is on experiencing the spiritual, seeking our personal connection to our own inner spirit or higher self, and our connection to God. It is a personal seeking and the connection to spirit is an inner awareness. The focus is on inner communication with God. Intuition, inner knowing becomes our guide in all choices as opposed to mental analysis. Awareness expands to focus on the spiritual universe and we desire conscious evolution to the highest energy level possible in human physical form. There is no fear and no desire for things of the world. Love is spiritual and unconditional. There is little attachment to things of the world, and focus is on being a shining light, an example, a guide to others who are climbing up the mountain.

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