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DP Question of the DAY: Why do YOU think the Tea Party was so Quickly and Thoroughly Compromised?

This is a very important question and lesson for the LIBERTY Movement.

WHY was the Tea Party TARGETED for takeover?

WHO did the targeting and takeover?

Please share your views.

SPECIAL REQUEST: to comment on this question to those of you that witnessed the "TEA PARTY" being compromised in real-time/first-hand.

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Mob Mentality Took Over

When people have a bunch of things to be mad about, they will get mad about things they didn't even know they should be mad about, because everyone else is getting mad, and nobody wants to be 'that guy' telling everyone to calm down for a second when they're all busy working themselves up into a good huff.

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It happened within the first two weeks.

I predicted it at the time, though I never expected it happen so fast. Within the first two weeks of the term being used publicly, it was co-opted by the neocon right.

The answer is simple. The tea party was an easy outlet for angry, disenfranchised Republicans. However, Republicans are still wired (as are the Democrats) from birth to trust certain rhetoric and to distrust other rhetoric.

Because the RP camp has always contained an educational subset (on the DP, as an example, you will see people like OctoBox, AnCapMercenary, Republicae, myself, and many others who's primary focus is on educating).

In the "tea party" movement, there was no such educational component. Everything was ruled by emotion and cost/benefit. No principles, no education.

Cliche but true:
If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything. And the tea party did, because they didn't stand for anything, they were just angry.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Because right-wingers, much like the left-wingers

Are easy to manipulate through emotion button-pushing - it's just a different set of issues. Officially, the TP was supposed ot be about fiscal issues: low taxes, limited gov't, fiscal responsibility, following the Constitution (cough cough).

But the ones I met locally, seemed to get all worked up and foaming at the mouth by mentioning: God, country, family, "the troops", abortion, gays, Israel, and those eeeeeevil Moooozlims.

Hence, that's why so many of them were so easily led around by the nose by Glenn Beck, and so easily fooled by the likes of Santorum, even though he had a totally failing record when it came to taxes, spending, and following the Constitution.

Because reading headlines,

Because reading headlines, watching a 4 minute news segment, and memorizing an audio clip are much easier than reading a book.

Southern Agrarian

Social Conservatives (aka Moral Socialists)

WHY was the Tea Party TARGETED for takeover?

To reduce or contain competition for ideas.

WHO did the targeting and takeover?


It was not hard for the GOP to target the people upset about taxes. They simply changed the message from Limited Government to who would make better leaders. Social Conservatives (aka Moral Socialists) took over the Tea Party Movement to contain the talk about Fiscal Conservatism. It was often stated in the TP forums that Social and Fiscal Conservatism could not be separated.

Those seeking to be Centrally Planned by conservatives are not Libertarians. And Libertarians are not Republicans. Central Planning (aka Monopoly) is abhorred by Free Markets and Free People.

The reasons are varied

but Glenn Beck and his 9/12 Project was the biggest factor I personally saw.

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In my estimation, the tea

In my estimation, the tea party was a huge cluster because some people understood how foreign policy relates to centralized power, while most did not. What you essentially had was a segment of our society who were self contradictory - screaming about the size and scope of the Federal government and Constitutional adherence, while at the same time supporting a foreign policy that is hardwired to increase centralized power, the size and scope of the Federal government and decrease the authority of the Constitution.

In other words, the tea party was subverted by neo-cons because the tea party was full of neo-cons.

There were too many low IQ

There were too many low IQ sheep involved, thats why. Also, a lot of them just hated Obama because he was black. The Occupy people are simply unable to understand economics, and who can blame them its hardly intuitive especially with all the disinfo going on.

Ventura 2012

I love posts that don't beat around the bush.

Good stuff.

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."

Simply because they were political retards that

didn't have a clue as to the big picture of who they were up against. They had the heart and the will and the love for country but were naive.

I see it here too. I see people continually watering down the message while many call for unity as they dismiss the warning signs. There is no place for unity when ideology clashes. You want to let neocons come in who have Liberty twisted? I see people who at once spoke loud and proud of their beliefs now get called purist and dismissed. When you begin to dismiss those that hold closest to the Founding Fathers intent as truth, you know you're headed in the wrong direction. That goes for people who pick politicians who are less than stellar too.

Go ahead..and as more people come in who refuse to adopt our message or only adopt small amounts of it and they go out professing they know what Liberty is.. You'll have what the Tea Party is.. Split.

You'll have nobody but yourselves to blame if you never reach your goal.

Patriot Cell #345,168
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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

The term "Tea Party" was

catchy and easy for folks to understand and associate with patriotism. It was targeted for takeover because of the connotations to disobedience and sabotage as legitimate means against tyrannical government and as a spontaneous organization. Commies and Neocons infiltarte ALL organizations, collectives of people, even nonpolitical ones. The libertarian/Paul movement was not as unified or as educated back then. People did not understand how the Neocon/commies infiltrate and twist organizations to serve THEIR ends. Plus libertarians are just by nature not unified, NOT organized. But that can be a strength when it comes to educating and influencing masses. I went to a Tea Party rally a few years ago. All the libertarians and Paulians I knew were standing apart from each other interspersed in the crowd watching and all these Republican pols were on stage speechifying on wanting lower taxes, that was all they were concerned with.



Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Lack of philosophy lost the day

The Tea Party was a grass roots effort of frustrated citizens with a central theme of wanting less government. Unfortunately they did not have a central philosophy guiding their actions so they didn't know what smaller government they wanted. If the movement had rallied around "constitutional government," they would have been miles a head with a unity of purpose guided by a written document that came into existence through the effects that resulted from the adoption another document that illustrated what kind of government wasn't wanted, the Declaration of Independence. It was all there but nobody knew what was needed to succeed.

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY www.fija.org IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.

They focused on what they didn't want instead of what

they did want. Here in central FL, their rally cry should have been " Any tyrannt but Obama", as they jumped behind every GOP candidate flashed accross Fox News.

On a larger scale their early success with candidates being elected seemed to go to their heads and the lust to maintain their elected power blinded them to their origional purpose of peaceful revolt against out of control government spending and taxation.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

Teaparty was flawed from the moment it started...

The Tea Party was started by people who didn't have a clue, people who largely rejected Ron Paul, and what he stands for (although they claim they want the Constitution followed).

It's like starting a huge church, but rejecting Jesus Christ, who he is, and what he did (I just described many "organized" churches - very similar to organized politics).

The difference between the Tea Party, and the Ron Paul Revolution, is that when the Tea Party started, we, in the Revolution, had been there, done that. Ron Paul didn't "start" the modern day tea party (as the media likes to state); we just stopped and had one along the way (12-16-2007) of the RP Revolution.

Here's my tribute video to the Tea Party, that I made some time ago, but it still applies today.


Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

they had no core philosophy

no obama care, it's unconstitutional.
don't touch my social security or medicare though.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

Why was It Co-opted So Fast?

Because the criminal class: the media, the congress, the lobbyists, the bankers were crapping in their drawers, petrified that for once the left and the right quit bickering and turned their anger where it was due. Just like Occupy, encouraged by the liberal media.. when their "National Spokesperson" went on cable news and said "We have common ground with the Tea Party", what happened? The next day Homeland Security conducted a 17 city sweep to close them down and they are now history.

I agree with this

The potential for a populist uprising needed to be put back. But another big factor was the debt ceiling scare, in which Obama was able to successfully show that there would be short term disruptions to the economy. Obama scared Americans into stopping the progress.

The uprising needs to be rekindled in early 2013, this time with broader appeal. We need a national strategy and national leadership. Rand Paul is the logical leader in the political realm. It needs to be limited/constitutional government, irreligious, and focused mainly on middle class themes.

In My Area

The GOP spent a great deal of time and in some cases, money, telling people Ron Paul was ok except for a few flaws.
They stressed why we should be at war..'To bring peace to the world'..I swear I almost choked hearing that one.
Next was the Federal Reserve...'We need the Fed to tell us how to spend our money in these confusing economic times'...I was in shock hearing that one.
And there was..'Without government, you will be taken over by the Godless people'...
So it became..'Ron Paul is ok..but with him you will never have true freedom..we must stay at war. You wont be able to survive without the Fed..how will you feed your children? Dont let Iran/Iraq come here and kill us. We must stay there and wipe them off the face of the earth.

And yes..I heard that load of crap with my own ears.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

To many uneducated people

To many uneducated people felt they related to the tea party because of its anti government views, the problem was too many of the newer members or people who called themselves tea party were lazy and uneducated and compromised on issues they didnt know anything about. Pretty much anybody who joined after the media started labeling it the "tea party", which obviously was a smear tactic by corporate media. If one guy looks nuts blast it on the news and claim he's "tea party" BAM no more credibility for anybody called tea party, typical tactic.

All powerful

or successful political movements in the U.S. have been taken over by one or both of the two political parties. One or both parties will co-opt parts of the movement's agenda and make it part of their own parties platform. A good example is the populist movement of the 1890's...and to some extent Teddy Roosevelt's Bull Moose party.

The establishment that controls both parties, controls the media and the message, and therefore, can fool the overwelming majority of people because they are wholly ignorant and are "followers" by their very nature...and are easily manipulated into group think. Basically, people are sheep.

They were doomed from the beginning

They weren't really born of independent thought. For them, the central issue was out of control spending. They wanted to cut spending and reduce the size of government. However, they weren't independent thinkers that sought to understand why things are the way they are. Another thing is that I believe they wanted credibility. For them, the only way to be seen as credible and relevant was for big names to identify themselves with their group. That pretty much means that their standards were pretty low. Our group is different. I think we are all skeptics to the core. I know we are friendly towards others, but we are still vigilant of what someone from outside our circle is about. I mean, if Mitt Romney said he had some great revelation and was now one of us, we still wouldn't trust him. We would wait and see what his actions are first before taking him at his word. Even then, it wouldn't be how well he fits in with us, it would be about how well he fit with the Constitution. When your desperately seeking attention, it's easy to be lead by those who will pay attention to you.


A lack of knowledge

As to what the constitution and the bill of rights mean.

The fell for the illusion of the Left right paradigm.

That to me is the most important factor in their neutralisation and what we must never allow.

They were opposed to both parties at first, angry at them for the Bailouts, though they probably lent more right

The media had to label them, it had to fit in their narrow world view. fox news claimed them for their own. CNN labled them right-wingers left and right media labelled them right wing.

Maybe being insulted and abused by the left "teabaggers" called racists may have pushed them to unite with the right. A deliberate tactic? Being called racists and extreme may have made them want to attach on to establishment types to try and gain credibility then hey presto infiltrated neutralised.

Good post

I witnessed it and still in shock how easy it was. It made me realize, be VERY cautious of groups, they are easily mislead.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

I heard of the Tea Party before I heard about Ron Paul.

That shouldn't be that surprising since I wasn't old enough to vote in 2008 at wasn't paying that much attention to the election.

When I first discovered Ron Paul and spent the usual 1,000+ hours on YouTube watching Ron Paul videos, I discovered that Ron Paul's biggest moneybomb was in fact called a Tea Party.

I've read the Wikipedia article on the Tea Party movement three times through. My question to anyone reading this comment: Where is the connection between Ron Paul's 2007 Tea Party rally and the Tea Party movement that sprouted up in February 2009?

I may not have the answer - but imho

The tea party movement, as you knew it before knowing RP, would have never happened if it wasn't for Ron Paul's 2007-08 campaign. Looking back on my experience with the tp, I see that "The burden of debt and taxes" was the prominent sentiment. Sure facts are facts and we had a lot of debt, and people were on edge anyway, but if Ron Paul hadn't have run, many people wouldn't have even known. This is the ROOT of why aaaaaaall those otherwise-good people would say, "I agree with a lot of what RP says," or, "I like Ron Paul except on foreign policy".
Don't, for a minute, believe that his entire candidacy was solely focused on world peace... He was warning of an economic collapse... He was railing the Fed and Keynesianism... He was railing the IRS and said taxes should be zero. He was the one using "constitution" in every response. Ron Paul, if not directly - at least subliminally, woke most of these people up about the economy, albeit taxes or debt...

The problem is most of these true constitutionalist conservatives are also Christians. And the current mass consciousness of Christian thought centers around the idea that Israel is, sort of, God's "chosen" nation and we must do whatever we can to protect it. I was told this as a child from many many people. I am, of course, still a Christian myself; but I have come to further appreciate actual teachings of Jesus; particularly, false prophets and the Golden Rule. Lo and behold, an entire nation of Christians could have thrown their full support for a politician that would have damn-near caused world peace...but they had to protect Israel,

The troops are over there protecting Israel and our freedoms because these muslims are taught by their religion to kill Christians and Jews... we didn't make them that way, their prophet did long before... etc etc...

They think they are staving off the wrath of God by not allowing Iran to have even the least bit of nuclear energy. They absolutely think they are doing God's will by opposing Ron Paul.
This is why you went to tea party rallies and never saw much of Ron Paul, and why Ron Paul never caught on as much as he needed to (but that is based on the assumption that he didn't get frauded out of winning NH in 08).

The rest of these people were working within the GOP, they know full well what they are doing and do not believe in Christ, except on camera. They saw the way they were embarrassed. Ron Paul, almost highhandedly routed Rudy Guliakjdbdb from the race, and his legacy . He was the equivalent to this years 'Romney' - the favorite going into the race. Then Ron Paul cried out to Romney "Why don't you just pick up the constitution and read it!..."
They saw his momentum, they knew they had a huuuge problem on their hands when they saw the energy he was churning. They figured they would just ride the Ron Paul wave right past Ron Paul. My county Republican Party (whom i had already gotten involved with (duh, cause Ron asked me too)) actually set up our April 15th tea party. It was basically going to be funded by the GOP and we were going to let anyone talk with a mic, but the GOP would kinda give themselves the keynote address and several rants in between grassroots. I didn't speak but I did pass out HR 1207/Audit the Fed fliers, and talked to a local newspaper about 'Keynesianism and the Fed.' Looking back I would have done things a little differently.

But if you never attended the 2009 tp... all you think about is... Glenn Beck... Fox News... GOP... (and for some) racism...
For tptb, This was great. It gave just enough support to get a round of Republicans in office in 2010, and die out by 2012. That's why people were always saying that they were unhappy with the field... because they wanted someone who could be "Ron Paul - except on foreign policy" and all they had to choose from were 3 stooges... they picked Moe.
In retrospect from 09-12 we spent most of the whole time focusing on economics within the gop (Thanks imo largely due to Rand)... the thing that RP had people on already, when we should have been proclaiming peace as the answers and spreading the Golden Rule so this would not have ever had to happen. Of course 2012 was much more successful than 2008 in terms of numbers, we still couldn't break through the entrenched foreign policy beliefs.

Thus, Ron Paul is the root cause and inspiration of a movement who can't accept all of his beliefs because they think it will lead to Armageddon.

If you read all that, I'm sure you're thinking...

The way I see the Tea Party is that it's

a movement about laissez-faire economics and strict constitutionalism. A lot of Ron Paul supporters falsely claim that Ron Paul started the Tea Party. The Tea Party movement was started by about seven or eight different people, some of them independent of each other all during February 2009. A more accurate explanation of Ron Paul's involvement is "Ron Paul inspired the modern Tea Party Movement."

of course

No one person "started" the Tea Party movement. But Ron inspired the movement and was either directly or indirectly responsible for all those people who suddenly got active, including those seven or eight people (Rick Santelli was influenced by RP) .

Just like the Sun Tzu quote, "... the best leader, at the end, the people say we did it ourselves."


The TP's purpose was to distract the middle class from learning about Ron Paul. It focused mainly upon, also, middle aged people.

The Koch brothers. They're the ones that funded it.