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Remember who decided they didn't want third party's to be able to debate? Bill Clinton

In 1992, Independent candidate Ross Perot had nearly 20 million votes, and was the last third party presidential candidate to be able to debate against the Republican & Democratic candidates for president.


Bill Clinton, after many Americans felt that he only won because of Ross Perot 'Stealing' votes away from George H. Bush, was actually the guy that ended up putting the new rule in place about needing to have 15% in polls in order for a third party to debate against the Republican or Democratic candidates for president.


Bill Clinton being asked about the two-party system in 1992. Can't stand Bill Clinton to this day.


So in 1992, that was really the last time this country truly had a strong third choice.

Since then, America's FINE general elections have consisted of such FINE Jefferson's, Washington's, Adam's, and other such great Constitutionally minded individuals (NOT) such as:

Bill Clinton vs. Bob Dole
George W. Bush vs. Al Gore
George W. Bush vs. Jon Kerry
Barack Obama vs. John McCain
Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

Oh how our founding fathers would be SO proud of those "Choices".

I just have a feeling that the number of votes for Romney or Obama is going to be low this year.
I believe this nation so badly wants to have more choices again.
I salute anyone that votes with conviction in their hearts for either writing in Ron Paul or Virgil Goode, or voting for Virgil Goode or Gary Johnson.

Like Ron Paul said, "Vote your conscience."

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Ol' Slick Willy benefits only by having a third party candidate run, and then what does he do? Makes a push to make it harder for a third party candidate to get noticed.

Clinton put into play, some of the worst policies ever during his time. It was only that he had a Republican Congress, that he was able to balance the budget. He was the worst president, then came all the other bad ones since.

We finally have a Champion of the Constitution in Ron Paul in 2008 & 2012, and the only way "Around" the Republican or Democrat parties for the time being is "Through" them.

Ron is right. He would have never been able to accomplish what he has with his message by running third party. --

Our 'choice' is between Obama, a socialist with fascist.......

...tendencies, and Romney, a socialist with fascist tendencies. Wow, how to pick one over the other? What a tough call!

Your post is so accurate. The oligarchy working for the plutocracy have finally achieved their goal: Freedom from choice instead of freedom of choice.

This could never have occurred without the compliance and acquiescence of the masses who have been brainwashed by the media and educational system.

Excellent thread, thanks for posting.