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Reince Priebus Confronted about Nomination of Ron Paul at RNC


Reince Priebus: "I'm a follower of the DailyPaul, I read it"...

"We did not receive the information required to nominate Ron Paul from the floor"...see video below:

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Is a slime ball and makes my stomach spin of hate. And I don't like to hate people but man he sure makes me hate. Plus this guy is a major alcoholic.

Yea...I am

sure Reince is a big fan of the daily Paul. ROFL. But just in case YOU are reading this Reince. FU A Hole! You will lose to Obomba in the election. We will see you in 2014 and 2016 ...and now we know that you fight like a girl we will be ready. Bastard.

Preibus, you do not lie very

Preibus, you do not lie very well. Congratulations on handing Obama another 4 years. I and 13 m3mbers of my family who are old enough to vote will cast our ballots for JOHNSON. Just because of the underhanded way in which you ran that convention. You are all a bunch of liars and hacks. No different from the democrats. Ofcourse your boy Romney takes his orders from the same world douche bag elite that obama does so KMA....

This video proves why joining the GOP is the best method

You're not going to change the GOP from the outside, or not KNOWING the rules or how they can be changed to what you want until you're inside with power to control it. The Democratic Party is worse, and the third parties have no power.

I'm kinda with Granger on this one.

I say we don't leave the party. We take it over...BUT we should not vote GOP this election...even all the way down to dog catcher on the ballot. Vote for Liberty candidates, if any, and third party. Try to vote as little as you can for any GOP position. Then after November we get to work.

If you can get past Romney

You will see hundreds of Ron Paul Republicans who need your Republican vote.

This election is Obana's to lose. Why reward him because the 10 fat cats forced Romney on us?


It's not. Didn't you see the rule changing? It will be even harder to get a candidate we want in now.

Absolutely I saw the rule changing

And I also heard what they had to say, and what they had to say is what MSM is going to say, and the Democratic Party will side with them, so there is the majority against you.

Notice that Ron Paul always, ALL ways, looks at the bright side. He remained in the GOP for decades as this was going on. And he gave them a message, "Look at all these people who would participate", and they responded, "We'd rather not, as we really don't need or want THEM, but prefer to have a small party with a lot of power. (and as long as we can chase them out pulling dirty tricks, the longer we will keep them out pulling dirty tricks, for WE HAVE THE POWER, and all they have is the streets (until we take that away, and what can they do against our POWER)?

He remained in the GOP so he

He remained in the GOP so he could be in the debates and get some funding from the party.

But he KNOWS he won't

He KNOWS he won't because he KNOWS the federal laws have closed third party debates amid HUGE public outcry and protest for what will become 5 elections.

Let me put it to you think way.. Did you see how the GOP changed the rules on Ron Paul's plurality, as Ron paul had 6 states and they uppsed it to 8?

In 04 Nader achieved 15% and they sued him for fraud, which wasn't true, the judge woundn't hear the case, but it kept Nader OUT of the debates and without the matching fund money.

I for it... GOOD LUCK.

"Let me put it to you think

"Let me put it to you think way.. Did you see how the GOP changed the rules on Ron Paul's plurality, as Ron paul had 6 states and they uppsed it to 8?"

Let me put it too you this way. THIS WILL NEVER CHANGE. No matter where we get, they will just move the goal post. Hell, they've already changed the rules to eliminate us altogether next time. Why would ANYONE waste time, money and resources knowing the deck is stacked against them is beyond me. Sounds Federal reserve..ish to me.

I'm starting to think this movement is like one of those women, that stays in an abusive relationship, "because he loves me".

But they don't love us.

They don't want us. We are not there because they want us, or love us. We are there because we have a job to do, RESTORE AMERICA, and while they change the rules and do other desperate acts, they do it becasue they have to, as they don't have the people, and they don't want the people, they want the power. So for us to get that power we need to stay the course, not because they want us, or love us, or even need us, but because we want constitutional government and as hard as it is to get, it still beats a civil war against drones and NATO..

We are in a battle, not a fast food restuarant taking our orders because we paod mainey and made demands.

You're trying to restore a

You're trying to restore a party. Put that energy into spreading Ron Pauls message of liberty. When the masses understand it, they will start a new party. It's a very powerful message when understood correctly.

Party is restored

So many people registered GOP for Ron Paul the GOP gained committee seats. We went from 21 to 27. That's huge. Of course Palin's people are coming to steal those seats from us, becasue too many of us are not politically astute and have more ecuses than determination. But that's OK, it only takes a few Good Ron Paul committee memebrs to make a committee work.. I LOVE my committee becasue it's way better than meet up.

As for starting a new party, there are 36 parties registered in the USA, Oklahoma will never give you ballot access, so there you have already lost.

I worked with Ralph Nader for three elections to get ballot access and open debates. Nader is an outstanding attorney, but that did not stop the GOP and Democratic Party teaming up against us.

What Ron Paul just went through was a cake walk by comparison, but by all means, do what you want, just prepare to suffer the consequences.

I applaud you for your

I applaud you for your efforts, but after two cycles of being silenced, at what point will you take the hint?

The GOP loves that their party is growing. It really helps make their point by way of the MSM.

In four years, when everyone hates the two party system (more than they already do), they will be wishing there was a REAL 3rd party alternative.

I am not being silenced

I'm having impact on my county and I'm happy about that. After 33 years as a political activist in the LP and As an Indy.. for the first time, I'm off the streets, making votes that are counting.

Shame what happened at the RNC, but the RNC is not the whole pie.

It was the part of the pie

It was the part of the pie that counted.

I don't agree

The difference between folks like you and those like me, is you ran away, you're defeated, you're sinking, you're quitting, you're making excuses to lose. Where I'm fired up and not going to let this go dawn. They will not chase me out, push me into third party oblivion. Winners don't quit and I'm not quitting and either is Ron Paul who remains a Republican.

I'm not quitting, I'm not

I'm not quitting, I'm not giving up. Look at my posts, I'm posting MORE AND MORE, trying to help people see that they will get NOWHERE, trying to take over a party that HATES them. The REAL difference is, I'm no longer going to support a criminal organization that believes in continuing with the status quo. YOU ARE!!!! YOU WILL NEVER TAKE OVER THE GOP. Good luck TRYING.

This video proves to me why I

This video proves to me why I don't need the GOP. It doesn't matter how many we bring, they will just silence us anyways.

RATpublicans meet the Whigs.

That is by design

It doesn't matter to the 10 fat cats that you don't need them. They are raising their glasses and drinking a toast to that, for they have succeeded in retaining power and keeping you OUT.

Congratulations you both have reached an agreement and they win.

They won because we were

They won because we were silenced by them. Same thing happened 4 years ago, same thing will happen 4 years from now. When will people learn. Oh ya, when there's nothing left.

They lied, cheated and stole the nomination because they had to

Did you see what they did to our delegates? Why? We didn't have people on the committees credentially them. Now we do.

Just because you lose a few battl;es badly is no reason tio quit. Quitters never win. Ron paul did not promise us a rose garden.

To be honest with you, as bad as it was, Nader and his volunteers had it much much harder as he had BOTH parties and MSM against him.

No one is "quitting". It's

No one is "quitting". It's time to pickup ourselves off the floor after being trampled on and moving on. It's OBVIOUS that the liberty movement will NEVER get anywhere with the GOP after what WE ALL WITNESSED. Unless you have more money than them, you're dreaming of ever taking them over.

Moving on to where?

My committee is very constitutionally grounded at this point, so I'm happy in my little corner of the GOP. Ron Paul chose the GOP and remains in the GOP and I'm with Ron Paul. Where will you move to?

A NEW party. No more of this

A NEW party. No more of this "takeover" crap of ANY party. Huge waste of time, money and resources.

Good Luck

Bet you in two years you won't have that dream party.

You still won't have the GOP

You still won't have the GOP and you'll still be silenced. A worthless fight.

I already have the GOP

And I'm not being silenced.

So what really happened at

So what really happened at the RNC when they stopped calling the counts for Dr Paul?