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Does anyone have the link to liaison(s) at HQ

Does anyone have the link to liaison(s) at HQ

I have an idea i want to share:

Dr.Paul needs to fight fire with fire NOW! The absolute sure-fire way to get the voter's attention is to show them what is in it for them. We all know Dr. Paul will bring the troops home and cut government, but whats the benefit to the average American voter?

If Dr.Paul would announce he will cut the budget by $1triilion and rebate the money, through a combination of tax rebates and tax credits, we would make national headlines! The size of the rebate would only be limited by Congress if they refuse to cooperate.
This would keep their feet to the fire once Dr. Paul is elected.

Once the government agencies are cut, the saving would continue for years to come. A 30 second commercial challenging the American people to get their money back would be huge! A trillion dollar rebate could be as much as $33,000 for every man woman and child. Talk about an economic stimulus plan. Families earning less then $100,000 would get a cash rebate, everyone else would get a tax credit.

Rudy just came out with a new tax plan promising trillion$ of dollars in tax cuts, we need to fight him. Is anybody with me on a new approach ?
The polls we thought were wrong have turned out to be right. We need POSITIVE national attention and we need it now!