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What's the matter with you people? Let's talk *JOHNSON* !

I'm disgusted that there are so few Gary Johnson threads going on at the Daily Paul right now. I can only find, like, ten. You'd think we don't care about liberty or something, because the idiots here are only talking about Johnson 75% of the time, and some foolish Paul die-hards don't want to talk about him AT ALL.

Everyone knows that the elections are the only thing that matter, and Johnson really has a good chance of beating Romney and Obama if we all just pull together here at the Daily Paul. As usual, the DP is the center of the political universe and the social dynamic here is of paramount importance to the future of the world.

If you are like me and appalled that there aren't enough Johnson threads, please open your own threads. The fate of the planet hangs in the balance.


Money bomb starts NOW!!!

(Oh sorry. Should have mentioned this is sarcasm.)

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mine is hanging down and to

mine is hanging down and to the left... :)

I figure

it's been a while and most people should be bout itching to phone bomb Hannity and name drop Gary Johnson just to get Sean all riled up. lol. Activists get ansy like that.

I mean even if you're not gonna vote for him in November, how can you resist the temptation to have a little fun using Johnson as a thorn to torment the neo-con media pundits a little more. Like we used to do them with Ron Paul when we had nothing to lose and everything to prove. Right now they're mission is to sell Romney (and Obama) to voters. Johnson is the last name they want interrupting their sales pitch. Why Johnson? Because he has more executive branch experience than Romney or Obama.

Can he get elected? No. Even with all of the forces of the all mighty DP working behind him, he would not finish higher than 2nd in the popular vote. But that would mean one of the other two bozos would have to finish third. That would shake things up in Washington. That would be a win for the liberty and smaller government movement. Can't win the election does not mean we have to finish 3rd. And it certainly doesn't mean we can't have some fun and rattle a few cages and use the next 2 months as an opportunity to give the finger to the man, for old time sake.

I may be foolish,

but I always sleep well at night.

Josie The Outlaw http://www.josietheoutlaw.com/

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

It's enjoyable to watch you flounder with your name-calling...

and obvious anger. It's very telling.

Once you get done with your freak out, I would be happy to talk about issues in a rational way. Until then just realize that your approach is unproductive and only makes you appear to be petty and childish.

Until you catch on to that reality, I will continue to be entertained by your silly behavior. Thanks! It makes it much easier to make my point that emotions make people act irrationally if left unchecked by reason.

Have a great day!


Good on you, Explain to me how supporting someone who support the KONY 2012 effort will not KILL this movement.

Humanitarian Wars is something we condone now is it? KONY was a scam, and for GJ too support it it means he is either an ignorant Idiot, or an Warmongering Neocon.

Or a puppet or a puppet master???

I would seriously consider those options as well...


Like it

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in

double post


Why are we still talking about the presidential race?!?

We have Tea Party candidates (and I'm not talking about Glenn Beck Tea Party candidates.) on the ballot who have fought the Republican establishment and PREVAILED in the GOP primaries. Instead of gouging each other's eyes out over who we're going to split our vote for for president, why don't we work together to get Liberty candidates elected to CONGRESS and SENATE?!?!?

Talk About GJ

As a Ron Paul REPUBLICAN, I'm just waiting for GJ to rejoin the GOP while in a few short months after he flops, they will leave.

Our local...

.... Romney supporter chiming in with some buffoonery.

What purpose would a Johnson flop serve the liberty movement? Oh, sorry, you are the wrong person to ask. You are an RNC loyalist and anything that does not have the GOP label on it must flop, because only that which comes with an (R) is worth voting for. Yeah, I finally figured that out. A Johnson flop show would be to the benefit of the RNC and their foot soldiers.

Plano TX

Yes, I am a GOP loyalist

I signed a loyalty oath and I will keep it.

GJ's LP flop will hurt the LM and that is WHY GOP GJ accepting the nomination from the struggling, weak, LP, so he could flop it, and then return to his CFR buddies in the GOP to cheers and future power.

Before Ron Paul has a tea party, many conservatives were very angry at Clinton, while they may have wanted Clinton impeached on constitutional grounds, Bob Barr impeached Clinton on personal behavior grounds, and became a hero of sorts to those who wanted Conton impeached. What did Bob Barr do, he accepted the LP nomination and he stood for conservatives who wanted constitutional government, and then he flopped.

Those people had no where to go, and that's how and why our tea party was co-opted, to give them a place to go.. kinda like Meet-up.

If you think the 10 fat cats and their dirty rats are going to play fair and nice, you really under-estimated them.

GJ could have supported Ron Paul, instead, he campaigned AGAINST Ron paul in the GOP, and then he accepted the nomination to the LP, which he intends to flop, just like Bob Barr.

Ron Paul ASKED you to join the GOP and become a delegate, to join a rEVOLution within the GOP. GJ is simply asking for your vote.. he has no intention of growing any liberty movement.


Could you come over hear and weigh in. I respect your opinion, your faithfulness, steadfastness, activism and stand. I am trying to figure out how to vote and I am wanting people's opinions on Goode http://www.dailypaul.com/253758/is-goode-any-good-requesting... Do you know if he is CFR too?

Too many RP folk...

... with their heads in the sand. They think if Johnson makes a poor showing in November it somehow helps the cause of liberty.

McCain lost by 10 million votes. He could have done with just five million votes in he right places and he would have given O a run for his money. If Johnson gets more than five million votes in November, the GOP is on notice that they can't win without us.

If Johnson loses badly, The RNC and their media lackeys will tell the world that "this is proof positive that the Ron Paul movement has some passionate supporters by they are thinly spread as demonstrated by Johnson's poor showing. Either that, or they are just not united for their cause, which also serve us well. No need to take these Paul people seriously. They are no threat to us as Johnson's showing proves."

I took my Ron Paul stickers off my cars, because it stressed me out that I might be associated with people who are so blind that they think denigrating Gary Johnson somehow advances Ron Paul's cause.

Plano TX


I know this smaller government movement makes up 15% of the popular vote with everyone on board. If Johnson doesn't get at least 10% of the popular vote Rand Paul supporters are gonna have a hard time getting folks like me on board in 2016. I am not wasting any more of my time and resources working with Republicans who are not serious enough about holding Washington accountable and shrinking the size of government, to leave the safety of their fenced in Republican yard for 1 day to fight for it with our closest allies.

Its does

because it means we were not herded like cattle to follow another shill candidate.

It means we stood by principle's.

I dont trust Gary Johnson with the things he has said and done. Simple, and alot of others feel the asme way, he is not worthy of our support, not yet anyway.

IMO GJ = Red Herring.

Im all for getting him into the debates and then hoolding his feet to the fire, but I still dont know if i would vote for him.

when your done trying to divide us

Run into a brickwall headfirst, GJ just said that the troops in the middle east are keeping us safe, actually our military is so spread out strategically the Feds have an easier time fighting dissent with those Troops gone, keeping us safe?, yea blowing up weddings and children and mothers with grenades is keeping us safe, YOU must be a hack or seed tryng to divide users, RP backers are good BS filterers so we will just filter you out soon


The Troops are keeping us safe by being in the middle east. That way they won't be over here gunning down civilians in the streets.


... I'm guessing you are being sarcastic...

During the Paul campaign the Santorum, Romney et al crowd spread the same kind of lies about Dr. Paul as the kind of lies that RP folk are now spreading about Gary Johnson. The RP folk have become like our enemy.

Besides, if someone doesn't have anything good to say about a liberty candidate who is running against the neo-con, why not just keep any defamatory comment to oneself? What purpose does it serve to encourage people not to vote for Johnson?

See my post above.... already one negative vote. That's the level of intellectual debate that now prevails in the RP camp. They can't make a case for why the denigration of Johnson would help the cause of liberty, so they remain silent. If I had known that they I was joining forces during the campaign with such knuckleheads, I would have saved myself time and money. The Ron Paul Revolution is dead if judged by the brain power that posts on this site.

Plano TX

I'm increasingly blown away

every time I check this site I'm blown away by who is receiving negative flak and the manner the flak is being delivered. About a week ago, I read a foul punk reply to a comment made by someone who, if that punk only knew who he/she just said that to, that rude little turd would've felt like the biggest jackass in the room.



"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

sorry sorry

Nobody gets my humor. I was actually just poking fun at the weird situation here, where some people think we aren't pro-Johnson enough....even though this is the Daily PAUL.

Trying not to be reactionary

so its working so far

Haha... your sarcasm was too realistic

I was about 80% through your post when I hit the down-vote! Haha... it was too realistic and expected (that is to say, we are expecting/seeing such threads - but without the disclaimer at the end that it is a joke!)

That'll teach you to yell 'Gary Johnson' on a crowded website!

Start your own website

Start "the Daily Johnson" if you like him so much. Vote Ron Paul.


... was nice knowing you guys. "Vote Ron Paul." Unbelievable.

Plano TX


Actually I was just feeling impish and decided to make fun of the apparent Johnson coup here at the DP.

you better be nice

to those Johnson voters, they run this joint now. I can almost hear sleuth shudder every time he/she types the words "RP supporter". We are simply cro-mags if we don't see that voting GJ is the most logical thing to do.