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Republicans Attempting To Remove Gary Johnson From The Ballot All Over America!

They successfully removed Ron Paul from the picture, now they are going after Gary Johnson!


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Or if Al Gore had won his home state

Of Tennessee he would have won the election, when you can't win your own state that says something.

No - he didn't

Al Gore failed to get those votes.

I always thought it was a BS argument - and still do. Those votes don't belong to anyone. Might as well blame Bush - because if all those people would have voted for Al Gore... etc...

It is an argument they use to cause people to fear supporting 3rd party candidates. It follows the logic that a vote for a 3rd party is wasted - and potentially dangerous. If you are for Johnson, you shouldn't be voting up the argument that Nader lost the election for Gore.

The press/liberals tarnished Nader. That is what I expect to happen to Gary / Ron Paul.

I don't agree with their argument - but millions of fools will.


Let the R's know that they CAN'T win a national election until they offer up a TRUE liberty candidate. And, I'm not talking about someone like Reagan who only talked the talk while expanding government.

What is more likely...

That the GOP will say "oh gosh, guess we gotta cow-tow to the Libertarians."


They will pull a Nader on us and blame us for 4 more years of Obama?

remember - these will be 1-2% swings that Gary will be affecting. You think the GOP will give us any real influence for 1-2% when they can try some fear and shenanigans instead?

RNC should have worried about THAT BEFORE they abused

Ron Paul.

Too late now.

They made their bed - now they can lay in it.