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Emotion vs. Logic

I'm very disappointed seeing the liberty movement being split into several factions due to emotions and at an accelerating pace since the GOP convention. I've seen many posts from the following groups of people:

1) Screw the GOP, they cheated, leave the party now, go third party, the two party system is corrupt.
2) Support the GOP, we're taking over, by supporting Romney we will have more power, he will treat us good.
3) Drop out completely, stay home, don't vote.
4) Write in RP.
5) Vote for Obama.

I support none of these positions.

I hope to see the majority of the liberty movement use logic instead of emotion in determining the future of this movement.

I hope to see:

1) a continuation of the GOP takeover in the red states and the swing states. This could reap great benefits in the future and applies to the majority of the states. Show your appreciation for the hard-working, dedicated "moles" in the GOP at all levels for they may become those in power.

2) vote for liberty candidates, when on the ballot, regardless of their party and your party affiliation.

3) keep in mind where you live, take over the Democratic party in certain states or CD's. Some are so skewed towards D that you should take advantage of that bias rather than fighting the unwinnable battle.

4) vote for a third party candidate on your ballot to register a counted protest vote when the R and D candidates do not meet your requirements. This sends the strongest message to the GOP that their nominee is not acceptable to us.

5) stop bashing 70-90% libertarian people for their voting record or stances (Rand, Amash, etal.) These are the people who are working towards liberty with us, though perhaps in a different fashion.

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I agree wholeheartedly with you...

I would add that writing in Ron Paul is a decent option *IF* Gary Johnson isn't on your ballot, though.