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Idea - give democratic congressional challengers a reason to stand up for liberty

With supporters of liberty acknowledging that civil liberties are among the most important issues we face there is potential for us to get aspiring politicians to make a stand. People wont care if the national debt is 30 trillion versus 50 trillion if they live in a police state. If a Democratic congressional candidate were to make a strong statement against the NDAA, Patriot Act and presidential kill list, they would have a chance at my vote - even with their wacky Keynesian ways.

Here is a letter which makes the case to a Democratic challenger of a Republican incumbent congressman:


[[Democratic candidate]]

I am writing to get more information about your position regarding an important issue that American's face in the age of the war on terror.

The Democratic party has long been the party most vocally concerned about the abuse of government power and the preservation of freedom. Myself and many others have observed with great concern an apparent abandonment of these principles most pronounced in the past 4 years. The acceptance and advancement of violations of privacy contained in the Patriot Act, the passage and approval of the 2012 NDAA and most recently the admission of a presidential kill list and killing of an American citizen without due process.

When considering the painful and obvious truth that a President, regardless of party, has clearly overstepped the constitutional restraints on executive power - it is the responsibility of the other branches of government to place a check on those actions. For the members of congress to remain silent about these abuses out of fear of political reprisal is to sacrifice the freedoms of their constituents for the price of political favor.

Myself and other civil libertarians are looking for someone - anyone - who can see the value of our system of justice and it's role in both prosecuting the guilty as well as defending the innocent. Your opponent, [[Republican Congressman Incumbent]], voted in favor of the NDAA, extended provisions of the Patriot Act and has remained conspicuously silent about the Presidential Kill list.

I acknowledge the difficultly that a Democratic candidate would face in making so bold a statement as to come out against policies enacted by the sitting president of the same party. The question that the people of our congressional district have before us is whether or not there is a candidate who will stand up for our rights, even when it is the politically challenging thing to do.

I am writing to you know to ask if you are willing to be so bold. Your opponent is not. His party has been on the offending side of civil liberties for some time now. They are afraid of speaking up about this issue, not out of fear that they will damage their political standing in their own party - but out of fear that they will make the president 'look good'!

So partisan Democrats in the legislature are afraid to speak up about these atrocities to save their political careers and partisan Republicans are afraid to speak up because they misguidedly think it will make the president seem 'strong'. All the while Americans know that these abuses of power are wrong. They are just waiting for someone with enough strength of character and conviction to standup to the political establishment and fight for the freedoms that have defined our great nation.

This is a significant opportunity for someone to take a principled stand to set themselves apart from the competition. Even your Democratic colleagues will not be able to begrudge you fighting for civil liberties - because they will know in their heart that you are fighting for truth. All they will be able to muster is the guilt that they do not have the will to do the same.

There are up to 15-20% of registered Republicans and even more independents who supported the candidacy of Texas Congressman Ron Paul in the Republican primary. These are people for whom issues of civil liberties take primacy as freedom is the wellspring from which our free and prosperous nation derives it's vitality. They have looked at Republican Congressman Incumbent's record and seen much to be desired on this issue. If you don't establish a contrast on issues of liberty - their default positions for fiscal conservatism will lead them to support the incumbent. However, if you speak out and take a stand for liberty you stand to gain a critical boost that may make all the difference in the coming election.

[[Democratic Challenger]], will you take a stand for liberty on this issue?



This letter has been sent to the challenger in my district. No response so far. . .

Imagine for a second that the Democratic challenger goes ahead and makes a stand - he updates his website to explain his position on the issue. Then we can appeal to the Republican incumbent in much the same way - he/she will have to close the 'civil liberties gap'.

Interesting idea...