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What are you doing for RP today in Real Life? Taxachusetts AM Report

This morning I wore my RP shirt and hat to church (yes, I wore a hat in church and a political one at that). Also, I gave a DVD to the paster and an elder, and told them they should hear the message regardless of how they would vote. One of my friends laughed at me, saying she thought it was funny that I was wearing Ron Paul stuff to church; I'll hit her up w/ a DVD when I get some more. I also got to tell one of my friends about Ron Paul and his position against the war; he said I was the first Ron Paul supporter he had ever met.

I'll get out with my wife and kids for a walk in a public place today with my full garb on for all to see. And I'll try to hand out a few bios. I'm surprised at how fast I'm running out of supplies; I'm already out of DVDs and have more ordered up.

Let me know what you are doing for RP today. I'd like to hear from you!