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A Real Shocker: Gold Dinar - Islam and Future of Money *video*

I was astonished and abruptly startled to hear this Muslim scholar commend the efforts of Ron Paul to install an honest money system! And this was in 2009!


Clearly, one can grasp the conspiratorial snare that grips the whole world. Although it's not referred to or even mentioned as a "conspiracy", he describes it in language you're familiar with. Some may find some anti-christian metaphors disturbing, but it is not intended to abuse, but related from a Muslim understanding not filled with hate. It is Zionism that he finds reprehensible, not Judaism.

It becomes clearly evident why we are being conditioned to Hate Islam. Are the 'blowbacks' referred to by Ron Paul actually defensive actions of the Moslem world to protect themselves. We think so.

He addresses a Muslim audience of women in Malaysia in 2009, uploaded 2011. The presentation is segmented for ease of viewing below.
Watch here>> http://chasvoice.blogspot...

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Ahhhhhhh! Turban!! Bomb!!

Ahhhhhhh! Turban!!

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin

I'm very glad to see that you

I'm very glad to see that you understand the difference between Zionism and Judaism. There are a lot of Christian Zionists in the world too. Not too many in the Western Hemisphere are even aware that Iran has the largest population of Jews in the Middle East outsie of Israel (for 30 centuries) and they even have representation in the Iranian Parliment. Unwarranted aggression is against Koran law. Iran has no history of EVER invading another country.

And I'm Jewish.


This presentation is amazing. Terribly spooky!

To all my fellow DP members, please watch this.