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I have a suggestion

The top banner that says "Dedicated to restoring Constitutional government to the United States of America." Who here thinks it would be better as "Dedicated to restoring Constitutional government to these United States of America." Before the Civil War, that was the name of this country. "These" not "The"; the emphasis was on the individual states, not one government.

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Ok. That is DP desire.


We lost our synergy along the way

and you're probably correct at finding the exact moment when it changed.

Approximately 4:21 am

central time.

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Agreed! 110%


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I like it!

Bump for the power of language!


I was reading "James Madison and the Making of America' (it's an infuriating book because Madison just could not fathom what the backlash from the anti-Federalists was about and it took Hamilton's central bank to wake him up) and this is discussed a lot - even though Madison originally intended for a national govt.
It also said that the original preamble to the Constitution read:
'We the People of Virginia, Delaware, New York etc etc' but they decided against it for a reason that now escapes me. Madison used the word 'state' in 3 different ways and kept on having to explain the 3; a state meaning country, state like a VA, NJ etc, and state meaning the people.
And aside from that change, Michael should also put up a photo of Ron Paul.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Love it!

Talk about shining the light on a statement!

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The decentralization of the monster unity state needs to take place and by using the words "These United States" we are reminding ourselves of that goal. Good thinking.


I did not know that, I actually prefer that, not THE US of A, makes it sound like one big state, One big state?, maybe thats why they say it that way