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Why Virgil Goode is not our savior

A few days ago on my way back from school I noticed a man advertising Virgil Goode. Not knowing who this was, I paused to ask him. Being told that he is the Constitution party candidate, I said that we indeed need to follow the Constitution more closely at the moment.

He agreed with me and then began his little mini-speech.

Here is how it went:

First, he began by misquoting the national debt as $17 trillion, when in reality it just hit $16 trillion. No big deal, right? Well, how many people has he misinformed with that? I'm against debts as much as the rest of you guys, but it ticks me off when misinformation is used.

Next, and this amazed me, he began talking about how we need to stop "ALL these green card holders coming to the US and stealing American jobs." This outraged me for numerous reasons.

First of all, I'm here on an immigrant visa. I'm an ardent liberty supporter and an active activist in favor of Ron Paul and free markets. Moreover, my dad's old employer decided to not extend my dad's visa, and so my dad had to find a new one in just two months. In the nick of time, he found a new one but some documents were misfiled and we got rejected. We resubmitted just a few days ago and now we will have 15 days of terrible waiting to see whether we will have a chance to remain in this land of the free (at least freer than the rest of the world), or whether these nine years of building our lives here and being productive members of society will come to an abrupt end. Whether I'll have to go back to Eastern Europe to a corrupt country I hate, to a language I only half-know, to a culture which I resent, and to a socialistic mess. Whether my efforts to advance the liberty movement in the US will be cut short. Whether all the taxes my dad paid for Social Security and Medicare and so forth will suddenly disappear in the void that is the US government's pockets. Ironically, if my visa doesn't get extended, I'll miss LibertyFest in October in NYC. Ironic. I know.

Second, who are "ALL" these green card holders? Each year a maximum of 140,000 green cards are awarded for employment plus 50,000 for the green card lottery. Is that seriously a threat to the US?

Third, he showed a fundamental misunderstanding of economics. The economy is not a zero-sum game. There is no fixed amount of jobs that must be distributed out to the public.

Fourth, how are you entitled to these "American" jobs? Immigrants don't come here and take YOUR job. You have no right to said job, and neither have I. The wording implies we come in and steal jobs and violate your rights. What ACTUALLY happens is that employers in the US voluntarily employ us. By the same logic, we should in history have restricted black migration to the North lest "those Negroes" take our "white jobs." We should support unions because they prevent the unskilled from coming in and taking "our jobs." We should smash capital like tractors and revert to shovels or even spoons for digging because they're taking "our jobs." We should legally ban women from the labor force because they take "men's jobs - our jobs." We should ban interstate travel because all those people coming in from the other state are getting "our jobs." It's ridiculous. Workers don't own their jobs. They have them as long as they are useful to the employer and the employer is useful to them.

He gave me a flyer about the Goode-Clymer ticket. Some points are good, others are terrible.

"Define marriage as being between one man and one woman" - really? Come on. Get the government out of marriage. There's no reason to keep this stupid fight up. By defining marriage as man-woman what are you accomplishing - not letting a bunch of gay couples get tax cuts? So much for "we want taxes as low as possible."

"Protect jobs for U.S. citizens by stopping so many foreign green card holders from entering the U.S." - I hope I covered this above. I might add that many of these people are coming here because they believe in "the American way" - much more than many Americans do.

"Make English the official language of the U.S." - Oh my God I don't know what I will DO without having English be the official language! Golly, it would be like... idk... living in today's world. This is pointless fearmongering.

"Adopt term limits for the U.S. House and U.S. Senate." - First of all, I'd like to remind you that this means Dr. Paul could not have gotten elected as many times as he has. Putting this aside, there is good reason not to do this. H. H. Hoppe explains that instituting term limits increases time preference. "Time preference" is a term that refers to how much people prefer something in the present (high TP) or in the future (low TP). When you set term limits, congressmen get a higher time preference - they prefer short-term over long-term development. This means they waste money more easily. Why? Because they know that after a certain amount of years they will not be able to be reelected - so why care about the public's money? Give more of it to cronies and friends, then, instead of using it to provide stuff for the public (don't get me wrong, for very many things I want the government to stop doing them, but IF the government is gonna tax us, then it better do something at least minimally useful with that money instead of giving it to cronies).

In short, Goode gets no support from me despite any good points he may have on his platform.

I hope you agree with me.

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No to Gary Johnson

He's a lot better than Johnson- a man who wants to legalize Sodomite "marriage," keep abortion legal, and allow immigrants in with open borders. How is Johnson in line with Ron Paul on these issues?

"The Yankee is compelled to toil to make the world go around."
-Admiral Raphael Semmes, CSN

Last I checked, GJ agrees

Last I checked, GJ agrees with RP that the Federal government has no business getting involved in ANY marriage. Not man and woman. Man and Man. Not brother and sister. Or brother and brother. And not 12 old abusive perverts and a aids infested goat to 400 handicapped children of assorted sex. Marriage is not mentioned in the Constitution. Hence off limits to the Federal Government. Period.

Ditto for abortion. Murder is not a Federal crime, regardless of the victim's age.

The two do seem to differ a bit on the actual practical implementation of immigration policy. But a whole lot less than meets the eye. Neither wants people to come here to leech. Something that is always and everywhere better dealt with by preventing leeching than trying to separate people into leechworthy vs. not camps.

But hey, a vote for Goode is as good as one for GJ. And both are miles better than one for either Mitt or Obama. As well as better than abstaining.

You are a voice of sanity regarding

the "threat" of immigrants "stealing" jobs. Simple economic common sense teaches us that when immigrants are employed by Americans, they produce wealth. Some of that wealth is retained by the employer, allowing him to hire more workers and raise the pay of existing employees. Some of that wealth is paid to the immigrant worker, who spends and invests it, increasing demand for goods and services, thus also increasing wages and employment in the general population.

I just can't get over how supposed advocates of individual liberty will use any excuse, including their own ignorance of basic economic principles, to keep out those "brown skinned hordes."

What the hell is wrong with allowing the free market to function? Don't we have enough economic restrictions through laws and regulations? Empower people, not government!

You forgot

About his stance on drug laws

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin


the patriot act, war on terror, gaming, religious zealotry, anti-states rights, voted pro-big oil and anti-renewable energy.

to his credit it appears he is starting to flip flop on the patriot act and war issues and is becoming more libertarian. he is anti-obamacare and pro-second amendment, and i agree with a lot of his immigration polices.

he's a work in progress but needs a lot more progress before i would support him for president. there are better choices this year.

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