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These United "states" Of America

Posted by Jason Kilgore on November 13, 2011 at 5:35pm
How often do you hear the words "The United States of America" and what exactly does it mean to you when you hear it? Well, pretty simple huh? Our Country, the USA, the United States. So what am I getting at? The answer to the question is very obvious.
Or is it? How many of you know what the 10th Amendment is? Here is a definition of the Tenth Amendment according to Wikipedia...
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I would urge all Liberty minded people (actually ALL citizens) to watch/read Nullification The Rightful Remedy (Jason Rink). Tom Woods is one of many in this documentary.

This is our recourse against anti-constitutional executive orders, etc. Ohio was successful in nullifying Obam-NEY Care. Other states are also on board with various things.

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