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Ron Paul - "The Republican Party is NOT my Party"

any one thinking that we can infiltrate the party from within is suffering from delusions because the new rule 16 gives ALL the power to the RNC-at the national level and that can't be infiltrated.

After the Convention Ron Paul finally said-"the republican party is NOT my party"


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Not a misquote-Ron Paul is clearly saying:

The Republican party is NOT my party because and I quote:
I think both parties are Keynesian economists, and support positions that I do not like,”

So the Democratic and Republican parties are not his parties
and I ADD
the Republican party DISSED him and his delegate so why would he support a statist cheating party?

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It is a misquote

Listen to the bloomberg interview and you will hear him ennounciate MY, not the not... and then we winds up his comment by saying what he is "pleased" about concerning the GOP.

The paper you refered BTW is misleading people with that quote, giving Republicans something to attack Ron paul republicans with.. "Did you read where Ron paul said the GOP is not his party?" "Yes I did." "Well why are you still here?

there is no more "ron paul republican"

rule 16 makes sure of that
you can pretend we are going to infiltrate but you cant infiltrate a monolithic statist rigged party

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I am the GOP

I'm an elected RepubliCAN and part of the establishment.


Ever hear keep your friends close and your enemies closer

the GOP wants you to stay in and delude yourself into thinking you can change them with your votes.

Leave the GOP and fight them from the outside. It's the only way. They're a tarbaby that wants you to touch them so they can suck you in.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

What ever gave you the idea they want us in?

Is it the way they treated the delegates, is it the way the took the nomination? My own personal accounts of having to be a committee GUEST becasue they refused to seat me, the womne's GOP group in my own town does not invite me and refuses to face me. I have offered to volunteer on every commitetee and they don't ask me to serve, they don't ask me for money, they don't send me email, letters, phone calls.. and you think they want me or any of us?

If I left, it would make their day.

I'm in this fight for Liberty. You're in this to play games.


The GOP wants you to get lost.

So, GOP has me, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Amish, Bills, Chuck Baldwin, soon to be GJ, Tea partiers, Palin Earthquakers, hundreds of Ron Paul committee members, 10 fat cats and their dirty rats

and you... you have?

the streets.

Lots of tar on those streets and it sucks when all you got is sign waves and money bombs with no candidates.


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no argument there

You're misquoting Ron Paul

he's saying "it's not MY party" as in I don't OWN it and then he goes on the say what he is pleased with about the GOP.

The AYES have it (Boener) ROMNEY 5 (Blonde announcer)

The AYES have it (Boener) ROMNEY 5 (Blonde announcer)

These images are burned in my head
The AYES did NOT have it
and Ron Paul got 22 votes to Romney's 5 in Minnesota but the blonde only said ROMNEY 5

You can't "infiltrate" that.
I'm sure Ron Paul realizes this now and Rand is left adrift to 'play nice" with the republicans

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Ron left the party in 1988

He has been principled his whole life.
Joining the republicans he has admitted is for political expediency as he knows that the system is rigged against third parties.
He learned that the republican party was also rigged against him this time around

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When he left to join the LP in

1988, I knew he was the real deal. Here was someone who had gained political office in a major party, actually quitting and joining a party that had never elected anyone to a position higher than state legislature, and had never received more than 1.1% in a race for president.

The man has guts, and, just as important, principles. But typically, those two go together.

What to do now? The Republican Party will fight like wolves to keep out any liberty influence. The existing two-party system and their media cohorts will prevent the rise of any serious third party.

I feel almost as lost as I did before he declared in 2007.

Anyone who can say anything to bolster my spirits, please do.

I agree with everything you said

I just don't share your dampened spirits.

I appreciate a good fight and this is a great fight. I really feel that doing what Ron Paul asked us all to do has been one of my greatest political challenges. I'm no longer on the streets, fighting two parties, MSM and the powers that be. As more liberty minded people join my committee, I know we all feel great joy voting against unconstitutional laws.

Maybe it's because all, or each of us, has been through so many battles, in so many arenas, from so many fronts, to have just one, the GOP, and it is "ours", wee the people own it, and we can take it from the fat cats and dirty rats, as more of us continue to grow the party into a liberty party.

It's not meant to be easy or fair, that wouldn't make it a good fight, actually that would be cause for concern, but instead, we learn and grow, and it's comes with some hard tests, but also some great joys. Ron Paul is WITH me only because I am WITH him, fighting to restore America to constitutional government in the GOP.

I guess it just beats sitting around waiting for the next shoe to drop? (not that you are)


I appreciate the pep talk. And, as you probably guessed, I am not "sitting around waiting for the other shoe to drop." I am going to try to help the Gary Johnson campaign, both electorally and ideologically (try to get it to become more libertarian). I feel that a good showing by Johnson would have to be reported by the media, and this could cause honest people everywhere to do Internet research on liberty oriented writers and organizations, as his name would be associated with the word "libertarian." That would change political discourse in this country in such a way that it could not be reversed.

I recommend that Ron Paul followers join their state Libertarian Party organizations, IF in their state it is possible to join without giving up their Republican registrations. I know this is possible in some states (heck, in some states you aren't even allowed to register Libertarian). Some of you may not know this, but the LP has the choice "None of the Above" on their nomination ballots. If RP followers controlled the LP, they would have the following options in 2016:

1. If it seems certain that a liberty candidate will be nominated by the GOP, the LP could refuse to nominate someone, thus not splitting the liberty vote for President.

2. If we have a fiasco like this year, where the GOP insiders fight tooth and nail to stifle any liberty influence on the nomination, using every dirty trick in the book, the LP could nominate a true liberty candidate, and LP growth from 2012 could fund a winning campaign. If, somehow then we were successful anyway in getting a liberty candidate nominated by the GOP, the LP candidate (since he/she would be one of us) could simply quit the race and endorse the GOP candidate.

It may seem like a long shot, but my history with the liberty movement goes back 35 years, and I've seen a lot, and believe me, what's going on now in terms of a liberty awakening in this country is more than I'd ever dreamed possible. I'm sorry for sounding like such a "Debbie Downer" earlier but really, I'm just still smarting from what happened in Tampa. I think my spirits and hopes will improve as time goes on.

It's not only a long shot

But GJ is a Republican like Bob Barr, and his job is to divide the LM, weaked the massive influx of RP GOP that gave the GOP more seats. GJ WILL return to the GOP just like Chuck Baldwin and Bob Barr did.

Those seats are OURS, and what you are doing is giving them away. Palins people are showing up in masse to take those seats. They KNOW it's NOT about Romney. They KNOW it's about power to the people in the party.

So you are abandoning us with some goal/idea of your own.

Not everyone is a fighter for Liberty. I am. Good luck with yours.

Flood the libertarian party and constitution party with

new registrations

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why split the vote

How can it be

when it changes the rules on you and disses you personally and refuses to seat your delegates AND sets it up so you can't even try in 2016

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