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Bad: The Mitt Romney Story

The presidential nomination of Mitt Romney may be one of the most astonishing stories in recent political history. The fact that Romney has been able to achieve political success while hoarding a proverbial boneyard of skeletons in his closet is a testament to his political prowess. In an age where televisions and computers occupy most homes, Romney has somehow managed to overcome a record of: less than truthful statements and politically expedient flip-flops on key issues, dodging the Vietnam draft while protesting in favor of the war, supporting almost every single infringement on American liberties in the last decade, violating several election laws, aggressively campaigning for reckless foreign wars which have turned out to be disastrous for the United States, and many other disreputable actions. Future politicians should take note of the Romney political machine, but so too should American citizens contemplating a difficult decision at the voting booth come November.

To read more of the most damaging article ever written on Mitt Romney: http://thebilzerianreport.com/?p=2129

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