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Let's Win At Least One State—Iowa-with a Powerful Write-In Campaign, www.WriteInRon2012.com

Or, shall we say, “ Let’s Win Back Iowa.”

We CAN win the popular vote in Iowa, and we have the numbers prove it. This is a call to action to all people who support the write-in campaign for Ron Paul. Let’s coordinate our efforts.

This article is written as an encouragement and direction about how the movement can channel its energy in a positive direction. A win in Iowa would send a massive message about the ultimate power of the freedom/liberty movement. The thread will be updated as more information is available.

The grassroots has already proven it’s a winner. We’ve won tough battles in Iowa, Maine, Alaska, Nevada, and more. The popular vote in the Big Island and Maui were won with a concerted, organized grassroots campaign.

People, here, had reason to expect victory and even performed a victory march. We had the numbers and enthusiasm. Were it not for the cheating, we would have won some of these states: time for retribution.

Let’s have some fun with this. We CAN get out the vote in Iowa in a huge way. Regardless, we do have to keep our sense of humor inside; it is kind of amusing how much of a threat we rabble rousers have become and how greatly this system has been shaken.

So, let’s have that victory march after all by winning against the corruption. Let’s win the popular vote in Iowa. For that reason I have just registered WriteInToWinIowa.org, which will go directly to the soon-to-be-finished Website, www.WriteInRon2012.com

Note: on this site you’ll be able to fill in your affidavit on-line. Think of it as an advance pledge of voting for the good doctor. (Site is supposed to be done on Tuesday; you’ll be able to fill out your affidavit right away and prepare for the write-in vote).

Think about it. We count the votes in advance. Then, we tell the world about it, that we really do have the numbers to win. We'll show them that we have powerful, advanced momentum in Iowa through absentees and affidavits. That’s a motivation for other voters to get on-board. Everyone loves a winner.

We CAN win the popular vote in Iowa, and that would be both fun and great. Whatever is imagined and believed shall be, that is if the cheating is neutralized, and that is precisely what WriteInRon2012.com will achieve.

Imagine the victory march that we could have in this state after achieving this. The publicity that would be garnered from this would be immense: he won the popular vote and the delegate race.

It is just retribution. Moreover, it would be much deserved.

This would send a powerful message. It is the message that we are not to be messed with and that we will be the victors of the future. It is also the message that the liberty movement is alive and well.

This is doable. Iowa already proved its love for Ron Paul and his message, with RP delegates prevailing at 80%. Didn’t do so bad in the ADMITTED popular vote with only a few percentage points shy of the winner.

From 2008 to 2012 Ron Paul went up 125%, while Romney had a minus growth.

Which of you will help to achieve this? RonPaulProducts is producing an Write-In brochure targeted to Iowa and possibly Maine. I have a donor who will donate 15 phones at night for live phone banking.

The effort is based upon the aggressive use of absentee ballots plus parallel affidavits, as described on www.WriteInRon2012.com. The Website is now live.

We create a pool of Iowa activists from inside and outside the state. We create a pool of funds in LibertyUSApac.org to fund any such activists. We procure the data from those supporters who will give us their info and create a massive grassroots effort, both inside the state and outside.

An effort will be made to bring large blocks of voters to the cause on the basis of supporting America’s first write-in, transparent presidential campaign as well as to redress all the cheating. A movement is created urging people to “Vote on Principle.” Thus, we find ways to address the mentality of “ABBO.”

How? Get people thinking differently:

• in this election we need to send a message to the world that Americans are voting on principle, not for the “lesser of two evils”
• that this is THE chance to get rid of computerized, secretive electronic voting by using photocopied absentee ballots; tell everyone about this; urge them to participate
• we counter it with per J. Condit of WatchtheVote2012 with, “Tell people who object about the write-in vote that it is instead the computerized vote that won’t be counted no matter who they vote for.” The only way it will be counted is if they have an absentee ballot backed up with affidavit or for Early/Election-Day voters an affidavit.

Tell the whole world that this write-in campaign is our only chance for honest, fair, and transparent elections. In contrast, an electronic vote for Obama or Romney is not openly counted and is, therefore, a waste. We are demanding redress against the system; it is about fair elections, not the person.

With the proper plan we super-canvass, call, and direct-mail Iowa. No matter, by doing so we shall win over a few good and needy hearts. If this is done systematically and thoroughly, we can win the state, as proven by the previous numbers and percentages.
We can divide the state up and go to the voters, soliciting them to do absentee voting. They make a copy of that absentee as a record and scan, fax, upload, or mail it to the site.
Please, everyone, join this effort.

And those who say Ron Paul is out are in error. He has not said this. Regardless, he has always told us to do what we feel is right. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of us feel that the only right to correct the wrong is to WriteInRon2012.

Secret votes on computerized machines are unconstitutional. Let’s send a message to the world that we shall no longer tolerate this. Iowans: make absentee voting the priority, with a copy of the ballot as a paper trail. Early and Election-Day voters, be sure to fill out your affidavit as proof; get a receipt also from the poll.

Dream; believe in the miracle. We’ve done it before. The grassroots WON the Big Island, Maine, Iowa, and more. We can do it again. Please join us in this powerful opportunity to show the world that we can have a presidential election in the United States based upon certifiable paper ballots.

The Website will offer the complete system for winning Iowa for Ron Paul. At WriteInRon2012 we’ll confirm the votes, and unlike that terminal fraudster Karl Rove we’ll do so with absolute accuracy.

UPDATE: get your absentee ballot info and registration form, here:

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Crank-up the drone manufacturing before citizens get out of hand

Wow - what a statement if Ron Paul WINS IOWA. The implications are so far reaching: 1) A great wake-up call to the masses 2) proves Ron Paul won the primary 3) The people asleep may think twice about what their being feed 4) Love the overall concept of the website and not having to rely on voting machines for the official count.



Hello, everyone.

This is an updated how-to guide with the latest updates.

10 Updates so far. The latest courtesy of Dr. K Research.


Wisdom Strategies

do we have a site yet to post

do we have a site yet to post our scanned ballots?

Southern Agrarian

Just uploaded mine to

Just uploaded mine to WriteinRon2012.com and mailed in my ballot.

Southern Agrarian

RON PAUL REVOLUTION: The Write-In Campaign

RON PAUL REVOLUTION: The Write-In Campaign


Wisdom Strategies



Southern Agrarian



Southern Agrarian



Release the Sandy Hook video.

Dr.K Research

Can you look into this?
Sore Loser Laws Don’t Generally Apply to Presidential Candidates


Here is how you register to get your absentee ballot:


Will look into the Sore Loser situation. This is very interesting. Now, it is time to call each of the Boards of Elections and remind them that they must count the Paul votes as electors.

Thank you for this. No state should be exempt.

Thank You So Much, Dr. K

Thank You So Much, Dr. K

Please feel free to add any relevant information to my article:

RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION: The Write-In Campaign:


Wisdom Strategies

Seriously... It will never

Seriously... It will never happen. They wouldn't let it happen in the GOP vote and they won't even have to try to make it not happen here. He isn't asking for your vote. He is retiring. If you people would rally behind someone who could win all the States with a little bit of making it known that there is a third person on the ballot in all 50 states then we wouldn't elect Obama or Romney with our Ron Paul write in.

2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

Please do not make decisions in haste: please read below

Can you please give us hard-core Ron Paul supporters a break because we are just getting our people back from Tampa, strategizing for what is next, and knowing we are not attending a funeral for Ron Paul, he still has a pulse and his body is still very warm before continually posting this stuff on here? I believe in freedom, but it does come with responsibility and consequences. I would think that most of you would think before you jump on the GJ bandwagon and tell all of us what "we need to be doing."

We are hearing this repeatedly, but none of us go off willy-nilly to support a candidate. Did you not see us in Tampa? This is not a fly by night deal, this is our life and our lifestyle.

People are needing time to think, research, pray, take a break and a breath. This is not an easy decision and all these ideas have been literally thrown at us:

1) Vote for Obama it will sink Romney and he can pay for what he did to us and this way we only have 4 more years
2) Vote for GJ it will show we are not fringe
3) Vote for Romney because we need to take Obama down at all cost because he is the worst president in history
4) WRITE-IN Ron Paul in all the states he takes write-in, it will show we are not fringe and we can sleep well at night
5) Talk to the electorate because they are what really matter

We have a lot to think about. It does not help getting GJ shoved down our throats. I trust that we will do the research and our due dillegence and will choose together the right avenue to take. What do you do if you are on fire, you stop, drop, and roll. If we just run off in one direction the fire may spread rapidly and we will go up in flames, burn ourselves to death. Noone wants this. We want to make the best moves possible for the long haul, the joining of others, and to not divide all the work we have put in for so many years. We want to continue to grow and wake up more of our country to the idea of freedom and what it really means. We do not want to self-implode. We will take the time we need, but we are not hastily going to support GJ without all the research. AND or that matter we are not going to jump ship in support of Romney or Obama without thinking this all thoroughly through.

I will work tirelessly on the write-in campaign if it furthers the liberty movement. the jury is still out for me. Sure it would be easier to walk in and put my name on the ballot for one of the above, BUT I personally have a lot to think about and will not make my decision in haste.

Write In Campaign Makes No Sense...

...when we have a good pro-freedom candidate on the ballot in the person of Gary Johnson, the former New Mexico governor whose ideas are very similar to Ron Paul's.


Please sign to help get him into the presidential debates -- http://www.change.org/petitions/open-up-the-2012-presidentia...

Let's rejoin

the real world.

Can't wait until the election is over.

allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

Count Me In !

Here is a related daily Paul post:



What do yall need help with

What do yall need help with in Iowa?

Southern Agrarian

Yes, you help will be needed.

Please register your name by sending an email: drkresearch@hotmail.com. Anyone who can research all the nuances of each write-in state would be helpful, but let's not double the work.

Now doing Iowa and Wisconsin. Who will do Vermont and New Hampshire? (etc)

Again, Write-IN absoulute count states are: AL, WI, NJ, VT, NH, IA, CA, RI, DE, & PA. There are a good deal of electorals there.

Regardless, let's get all those absentees done, now; mail in any form needed, get the ballot, and get a copy or two; scan, fax, upload, the ballot to: www.WriteInRon2012.com (ready on Sept. 11). Or, mail it to: WriteInRon2012 Box 855 Lincolnshire, IL 60069. This is real. We'll count all the 2012 votes ourselves.

Other votes can fill out their affidavit online, then get notarized, then upload, scan, etc. We've got bigger numbers than anyone. Let's prove it.

Apparently, DE is on the list, too. Can anyone confirm this?

I can guarantee at least

2 write-in votes for Ron Paul here in Iowa, maybe 3.

Perhaps we should do this for

Perhaps we should do this for all write in states. Start a massive write in campaign. The first of its kind!

Here are the states where no declaration is needed from

Dr. Paul (meaning a signature) in order for us to make his write ins count: AL, IA, WI, PA, CA, VT, NH, DE

California in the mix means this is potentially significant number of electoral votes at stake, potentially affected by a large write in vote. No we can't win with this number of electors, but neither can any of the fringe candidates win. What is important is the message will be loud and clear, like a fist. Ron Paul. This one is for our delegates who got beaten and arrested.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

I think he could take MN but

I think he could take MN but he needs to sign for it. How do we get him to do it?

We get the paper-work and forward it to the good doctor

and tell him we, constitutionally and morally can vote for no other. If everyone could get the paperwork from the other states, we could gather it and send it to Dr. Paul and have him sign it, if he would be so good to do this for us.

Hmmm...where do we get the

Hmmm...where do we get the paper work and where do we send it?

Dr. K check you DP inbox

message for you on the project!

Release the Sandy Hook video.

I agree in choosing one state for sending this message.

I'm assuming you chose IA because it is possible there. With most states having write-in restrictions either through an outright ban or more commonly a registration process that requires the candidate to file or a deadline that has already passed, the write-in vote will go mainly unrecorded through the country.

Please study your state laws regarding write-in voting to ensure that your vote will actually be a step toward supporting the liberty movement.

Yes, there are a total of 8 states which automatically allow

write-ins for the candidate of your choice. These states are:

New Hampshire
California (apparently, all the paperwork necessary is done there for RP regardless)
Alabama (there is a strong nucleus of RP people there)
(and one other)

Let's all vote unanimously, that is those who live in these states. We show the world the power of our numbers through certifiable ballots (read all the info and see the Website next week), which is ideally ABSENTEE ballots, because you make a copy of this. We can have a legitimate We the People election in each of these states.

The focus is on two states, Iowa and New Hampshire, but also Maine, if the good doctor can help us with his registration.


New Jersey
Rhode Island

Are also counting written ballots

Vote Gary Johnson in the other 42 states.

That is the logical action.

Iowa: The voters in the college-heavy districts where

Paul polled in the stratosphere, where the boxes got "lost" are a prime place for the campaign to to start. Plus students know social networking, so they can get the word out like lightning. These universities are huge, University of Iowa is how many people?

Maine: If I were a Maine delegate I'd said to Dr. Paul, look Dr. Paul, they played dirty on us and we want payback. All you have to do is sign this declaration. We do the rest. Sometimes you've got to let the dogs out.

This just gave me an idea for a campaign theme song: "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT!" to play at rallies!

Release the Sandy Hook video.