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I highly recommend the move Lawless. Fun to watch crooked cops get what they deserve.


Anyone else see this movie? Add your opinion.

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That movie

That's Wes Pennsyltucky's folks.

Sure is

I havnt seen it yet but I hear it's incomplete. lol

Funny, your kin leads 11,000 men in armed combat against the entire government but they call my folks "lawless" over a lil ol whiskey war. lol.

Wait a minute. whats this guy talking about? lol http://youtu.be/yH4bUn8H-6I

Sounds like some Hollywood movie. Oh wait whats this? http://youtu.be/8ItotzLiYvU

haha I love it!


Fancy Shmancy Fine Print:

lol @ "lil ol whiskey war"

Here's to your "lil ol whiskey war" hoss.

"Wait a minute. whats this guy talking about?"

That guy knows the facts of story but he probably doesn't know the whole story as to what really caused it all, because he's only ever known the story as told by left-wingers. The price of coal was going down because federal subsidies and war time policies that were continued for years after the war (ww1) had ended. Paper money played a huge roll in it, though no one understood that at the time. Miners were paid in company script, and the whole system out there in the boondocks, functioned with oppressive conditions of total control eerily similar to the system of absolute control we have with the federal reserve paper standard today. The story has never really been told from the libertarian free market perspective.

Did you notice at 8:48 how onlookers reacted? That's the difference between lawless and legend. lol. buuurn

Catchy tune

Where do you find all these great songs that no one else I know has ever heard of? I hit the replay button 4 times already.

I'm curious about "the lady" that guy mentioned along with your grandfather in that part of the story. Is he talking about Mother Jones? I looked on his wiki page and there is no mention. But holy crap there is so much stuff. To be honest I had no idea. Now I understand where you get it from. It's in your genes.

burn? At least my grandfather was a capitalist. ouch!

I'm still listening to that song. haha


Fancy Shmancy Fine Print:

Haven't seen it yet - it is on my list

Saw this one tonight:


What a trip.

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great movie.. You will enjoy

great movie.. You will enjoy it. basically corrupt government vs Liberty.