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Why This Site Must Remain The Daily Paul, Not The Daily Libertarian or The Daily Anything Else (IMO)

Ron Paul is a hero.

I was born and raised in America's smallest football town, a young-budding, libertarian-minded, anti-sports-hero-worship nerdy type. However, over the years years I began to notice that several of the people I would consider personal heroes had made their names in sports, as well as in Hollywood making movies or other entertainments.

Vince Lombardi, Jesse Ventura, and Richard Belzer are all heroes of mine, not merely because of what they accomplished on the field, the screen, or in the wrestling ring, but because of what they did with their lives besides just being really good at their jobs.

Ventura became an elected representative and an author.
Belzer writes books exposing corruption in Washington.
Lombardi was a physics teacher and master psychologist and motivator.

I have a hero in politics as well. He's not the most successful politician in history - after 12 'seasons' he's only gotten 1 bill passed. He's been in 3 'championships' and has lost 2, and looks likely to lose his third and last. And, like Lombardi, Belzer and Ventura, he's not really the most photogenic guy in the world. Then again, neither were John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, or Benjamin Franklin.

This site could easily justify changing its name to the Daily Washington, the Daily Jefferson, or the Daily Franklin, and I believe most members here could not find an argument against it that was based on anything any of these men's ideas or writings. Nor could anyone argue that to make such a name change would be some sort of hero-worship or idealization of the man's whose name was chosen. Even the Daily Liberty Page or some such thing could be embraced by everyone here because that's what the Daily Paul is all about, right?

I don't think so.

I believe that this site is the Daily Paul and will, must always be that. Not because Dr. Paul is my hero (even though he is.) Not because he is perfect (impossible.) Not because he perfectly represents 100% of everything we all want in our ideal politician (of course he can't possibly be that either.)

The Daily Paul is the Daily Paul for the very simple reason that a very simple, humble man decided to go out there and take a chance and try, and try again and again to do something, anything he could think of to make a difference in the lives of people he knew he would probably never meet, with no guarantee of success and even less certainty of personal glory, and ended up changing not just a nation but a whole world.

We don't remember the Alamo because it was a beautiful fort. We don't remember the Maine because it was a particularly special ship. We don't remember Ron Paul because he ran for president. We remember them all not for what they are but for what they mean.

The Daily Peace. The Daily Gold. The Daily Liberty.

The Daily PAUL.

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I can 100% guarantee

that a POLITICIAN would ever have woken me up but Ron Paul did. I know 100% that his son would never have been able to do it nor anyone else specifically as a politician.

He brought something to the table that really can't be explained but there it is.

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Live and Let Live


For historical relevance.

"I'm Ron Paul." - Ron Paul

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You make a pretty good argument.

Hard to argue with that.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Agreed with OP

Dr. Ron has set a timeless standard and interestingly so, where a standard also means a type of banner or flag

a timeless standard

a timeless standard

“Give a man a gun, he can rob a bank. Give a man a central bank, and he can rob a country and the world.”

Sometimes it's nice to look back.


Potential Annualized National Debt Allowance - a look back at 40 years of PANDA diplomacy next Pandaline

Yes it is.

Words like 'liberty', 'freedom', 'conservative', and 'tea party' can all be co-opted by anyone with enough money and influence. But the very people who would do such a thing, won't touch the name of Ron Paul with a very long pole. I am happy with that myself.

Dr. Ron Paul Inspired All Of Us,

Woke Up Many of Us, and is still inspiring new people to support Liberty!
Absolutely, this should remain the daily Paul! (Although Re-carving MT. Rushmore would be fun...( thanks, dwalters) replace Lincoln or Roosevelt? Replace the Lincoln Memorial? The possibilities seem endless.........)

But that man should play the tyrant over God, and find Him a better man than himself, is astonishing drama indeed!~~D. Sayers
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15




Potential Annualized National Debt Allowance - a look back at 40 years of PANDA diplomacy next Pandaline

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Are there any other boards

Are there any other liberty related boards that are as active as this one?


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I don't know Chris

It is only September over here, let's wait and see how everyone feels say in May?



Potential Annualized National Debt Allowance - a look back at 40 years of PANDA diplomacy next Pandaline


Reading this again I can't disagree or find any way to alter the original text.

Potential Annualized National Debt Allowance - a look back at 40 years of PANDA diplomacy next Pandaline

Daily Paul

The future is going to get much worse. Improvements will not be made during my lifetime.

I would ask the owner of this site to retain the name of Daily Paul.

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"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Let the free market sort

Let the free market sort things out. Maybe theres another website out there that will cater to Ron Paul fans?


i agree

I support

Paulian Republicanism and Paulian Libertarianism, Its a special brand, the one that brought us all together. Without him as standard-bearer, the coalition breaks.

Well said.


"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

Definitely no reason to change the name...

Dr. Paul hit the heart of America with a defibrillator. He deserves to be honored and remembered. More so than just a website, Ron Paul deserves a monument. If the progressive Theodore Roosevelt can have his face blasted into the side of a mountain, we should terraform the man in the moon to the likeness of Ron Paul.


Comment of the Year material right here, bro!

Potential Annualized National Debt Allowance - a look back at 40 years of PANDA diplomacy next Pandaline

Thanks y'all!


Potential Annualized National Debt Allowance - a look back at 40 years of PANDA diplomacy next Pandaline