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Was Daily Paul Attacked between 4:30 and 5:30 am 9-9-12?

Just wondering because:

-The top recent topics went down to no topics
-The top listing on DP originals disappeared and reappeared TWICE
-the number of users online dropped down to under 150 - the lowest I'd ever seen.
-20-25 old topics from several weeks ago got bumped up to the top of the active forum topics list, none that I could see with any new comments posted.

Granted this is the lowest-activity time for any site, but the drop-off was stunning as several threads were active, then they just dropped off entirely. While at the same time, not everyone was drifting off to sleep as several dozen other threads popped up out of no where.

Just noticin' things is all - sorry to be paranoid (not really sorry).

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It was more likely a

It was more likely a scheduled routine maintenance on the servers that caused this...certain maintenance things have to be done some time, and it's best to do them in off-peak hours like the ones you describe.

i saw that and was wondering

What the hells going on here!!