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Vision Statement for the Liberty Movement - please share yours.

I wanted to share this quick quote with you all. I've been reading The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge (it's a book about systems thinking). This book is filled with wisdom, and provides practical advice on how we can think through what we're doing in order to make our plans more effective. I think the Liberty Movement could greatly benefit from the principles explained in this book.

An over-arching principle of systems thinking is "shared vision" in an organization. Most organizations have a vision statement, and I think the Liberty Movement should come up with its own.

Here's a quote in the book I think you'll find interesting:

"A shared vision is not an idea. It is not even an important idea such as freedom. It is, rather, a force in people's hearts, a force of impressive power. It may be inspired by an idea, but once it goes further - if it is compelling enough to acquire the support of more than one person - then it is no longer an abstraction. It is palpable. People begin to see it as if it exists. Few, if any, forces in human affairs are as powerful as shared vision."

Please feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below with what you think the vision should be for the Liberty Movement.

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Become the Tent

Do all you can to encourage the rise of a strong third Party. The Republican Party is currently ranked third in terms of the number of person registered. Independant is first, Dems second, Repubs third. There has never been a better opportunity to grow a third Party. The Republican Party has been shrinking and losing people for many years. As the Country becomes more diverse in racial make-up, it is inevitable that the GOP will shrink even further. Blacks and browns have always shunned the GOP and I see no reason for this to ever change. The shrinking GOP tent is not the best place to plant our flag. Fiscally conservative and socially liberal people have no home in either Party. That is why the Independants now make up the majority of registered voters. We can capitalize on this right now. We are witnessing the death rattle of the GOP!

Create a Movement and Leave the GOP

I have been a Ron Paul fan since before his 2008 campaign. I feel like his movement has never been as large as it is now and the liberty movement needs to unite under the Libertarian Party and start electing Libertarian candidates into Local, State, and Federal offices, similarly to how we have been doing with tea-party / liberty candidates.

Many people will not vote for ron paul because they think the two party system is their only choice. We need to do our best job possible educating our friends and family of why our current policies are not working. We need to cite sources as well and share our excellent sources. Then, some of us need to step up and run for these local, state, and federal offices. It starts from the bottom up!

Ron Paul gave the GOP a chance to take the liberty movement under their wing. They ignored and disrespected the entire movement and proved to us we cannot trust them with their teleprompted rules changes.

As part of the movement we will need teams for Defense Propoganda. We need to accurately respond in groups in comment sections to show our force to sites that are off-base for liberty candidates such as Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Youtube, NY Times, all of the major news outlets! For example, for Ben Swanns Obama 'Kill List' Video the Huffington Post covered it and the comments thread were full of Liberals Bashing Ben Swann because of the one video they had seen of him. They assumed he was a Fox-Loving NeoCon because he criticized Obama once.

Party's come and go. When they cease to be able to quickly dissipate, they cling to the country and if we do not allow the GOP to crumble then the two partys will take the country down with it. If we can unite under the Libertarian Party or even a "Liberty Party" and then we can make a positive difference, even a major difference. If we make a major difference and bring the GOP down with it, the democratic party will have no choice but to undergo a major reform or force falling too.

The biggest obstacle right now is the lack of education with our peers. We need to respectfully make sure everyone knows of the NDAA and indefinite detention, Patriot Act, Drone Strikes, possible sinking of the Dollar, and major issues that both parties have created and ignored.

If Ron Paul had tried to run as a Libertarian

this time around, the movement would not be as big as it is now. You're not going to get very many people to quit their party. Like it or not, most people are dedicated to their party and will not join a third party.

That reminds me of one comment I saw on a Mississippi news article about Ron Paul this past spring right before the Mississippi primary. Some fellow wrote, "we need a Republican president, not a Libertarian president." It doesn't cross Republicans' minds that one can be libertarian in the Republican Party because there is a party named Libertarian Party. The best thing the Libertarian Party could do right after Gary Johnson finishes making his point this November is fold up and join us in taking over the GOP. If we take over the GOP, the tens of millions of partisan voters will vote for Liberty candidates just because they want their red team to beat the rival blue team.

I understand that and even RP

I understand that and even RP himself said he would not have had the same results as a LP candidate. My question after the RNC though is will the rhino's relinquish power? How far will they go to prevent the liberty movement from taking over?

Did you ever think the RINOs would relinquish power?

You act like the Republican establishment would say "come on in y'all. Go ahead and change the Republican Party platform." Did you think they wouldn't fight with every ounce of sweat and blood in their body to keep us out of their party and away from public office? They will NEVER give up power willingly. The reins have to be pried out of their hands.

A Threefold Vision:

Begin a massive, nation-wide voter education campaign through flyers, book-distribution, referring people to Austrian Economics, educational websites such as mises.org, maintaining a massive educated, classical liberal voice on the internet. Just because Ron Paul is no longer a candidate is no reason to let up in educating people online about sound money, strict-Constitutionalism, personal liberty, and free markets.

The fundamental problem in our American system is not with the politicians, but, with the ignorant masses that put the knuckleheads in.

A philosophical movement is not enough to change the dynamic of this country. The Progressives didn't just change hearts and minds, they changed the way the masses voted and they did this through the Democratic Party. It's a common refrain from Ron Paul supporters that both parties are run by the same establishment and that's true. George Wallace famously proclaimed, "there isn't a dime's worth of difference between the Democratic and Republican Parties. It was true when he said it and it's still true today. So, let's change that. Let's give voters a real choice when they vote. When a person chooses between a Republican candidate and a Democratic candidate, he should be choosing between a Progressive and a Classic Liberal, between an interventionist, and a non-interventionist, between a statist and a conservative/libertarian.

If an elected official proves himself to be a statist on most issues, run for office and replace him. If running for office isn't your calling, support somebody who will and help throw him out of office. But, let your elected officials know what you want out of them. Call them, email them, write them letters. Be a kind, responsible representative of the movement you represent, but, make sure he/she understands that unconstitutional governmental intervention is not in the American tradition and is not something that you will vote for.

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Keep it simple is my Liberty vision.

Liberty is an absolute term, not a relative one.
Either you support and follow the Constitution or you do not. 90% does not work, and neither does 95%. Liberty can never be compromised especially for the sake of political expediency. Liberty has no place in backroom quid pro quo deals.

Great Idea!

The elites have a vision post named agenda 21. I think a good liberty vision would be "shared opportunity for all" or "too little to fail".

Really People? Another 'vision' post with non-vision comments?

I get tired of these continually going by and we never discuss the root problem. It's not the TSA or the CIA or the GOP or RNC or religion or even liberty.

How can it not be more clear? THE PROBLEM IS MONEY!!!!

Every single problem mentioned here would fix itself if the people were able to keep all the value they should be earning for their productive efforts. No politician could be bought off if the average Joe could afford to donate more to a competing PAC. No crap products would survive in the market. No bills would see the light of day which compromise our liberties or principles. On top of that, we certainly wouldn't have the crime, the welfare or the destitution we have now.

In fact, I would suggest that most of those problems would eventually go away if the masses could even JUST SEE how much money is stolen from every one of their paychecks.

I'm not talking about the 25-40% that's automatically deducted in front of their nose. I'm talking about the scams our society currently runs by. I'm talking about wages not keeping up with inflation CUMULATIVELY FOR DECADES. I'm talking about bankers that write the rules so they CANNOT lose in any money transaction. I'm talking about the total freakin' scam that is the stock market. Yes, if you do the math, the only ones who win in the stock market are the current CEOs at IPO time and the banks handling the IPO. The shareholders aren't doing anything but robbing from each other. Share price doesn't affect the loans getting paid off, just the risk that used to calculate the interest rates.

The only way to remove all this extra expense is, as Octobox suggested above, we remove ourselves from any deals that involve these activities. It's not as hard as many think. We just band together to create/fund a new company that out-competes whomever we're targeting first. When they go under, we move to number two on the list. People forget that the elites can't do anything for themselves. They have to hire EVERYTHING done for them. We are the very people that would be hired but now will do it for ourselves. No more relying on some investor to start a company. Gather a few thousand people who will loan the money on a handshake, start the business without all the massive overhead and make good on your 'loans'. After all, you'll both come out 2-4 times as good as if traditional investors got involved.

All we need to do is to show people how this can work. For that, we have two choices. Convince them first or gather the first group and lead by example. In the end, everyone involved will be many times as wealthy and as such, will hold more control over the direction society takes, regardless of which distracting problem you lose sleep over today.

The problem is not money but

The problem is not money but the monopoly of creating money. The Liberty movement should focus on an open competition of currency and all the threats to our liberties will disappear as if by magic. Without the free money they would not be able to afford a police state, endless wars, msm propaganda machine, and buying elections.

I would respectfully disagree

By allowing the elites to even have that money, we have given them the power to use it to gain the ability to create money. Not to mention that they have all the other perks of getting to control markets via regulations and laws and to control wages via job scarcity.

Currency competition by itself does not remove many of the paths which the elites use to maintain their financial power over us. To be clear, it is one of the biggest, but I fear that without it, the system corruption would increase to monstrous levels to allow them to gain their power via the less profitable loopholes still left in the system.

We need to re-balance the system so that productive members of society earn wages while non-productive ones do not. In that way, those who produce can determine whom else they will pay for a service or donate charity to, resulting in accountability to them.

Tam: I think what you are saying is true, but your language

needs some clarification or it will be misunderstood.

"We need to re-balance the system...."

Capitalism and Corporatism are reactionary societies born from "direct-action"

Capitalism is born from Monarchy -- it is a reaction to the latter with the intent of those that form such societies to be free; meaning, many in such societies must NOT be free (slavery, land theft, forced relocation and assimilation).

Corporatism is born from Capitalism -- it is a reaction to the latter with the intent to give the appearance that all are free.

Capitalism - Monarchy - Corporatism are all "run" and profited by roughly the same percentage of society -- "the upper 6 to 8%"

A free-society is a voluntary society -- meaning there are no super-unions who gather power to force consumptive-controls over the other groups.

There must be a mechanism for a super-union to control others with: Pain, Torture, Control of Assets -- worse: an abdication to authority.

To gain a free-society non-participation is key and a philosophical understanding of self-defense and voluntarism -- regarding every topic and potential market.

Not sure I understand what will be misunderstood

or how labeling the various 'isms' clears it up but I do admit that I was just trying to be brief here. The full explanation is quite a bit longer.

It's a good read if you care to invest 5 minutes on it. Look at my second to last post, http://www.dailypaul.com/251911/united-we-stand-divided-we-t... to see the economic and political interactions and a primer on what to do about it (in practice). As you can see, it got lots of discussion. ~

Education, education, education......

We live in a fantasy world, assuming most people have any idea what we're about.

I've decided to spend less time with those who don't care or won't agree, and more time exposing more people to our ideas and issues. Find the one out of ten or 100, who will then help spread the ideas.

As I posted elsewhere, here's my first attempt at a handout to scatter around - 4 pages when I typed it in Word. Don't know how to get that on a website, so just put it on a blog. I'm sure others could do better.


Somehow we have to get more people to hear about this stuff. Without explaining our positions, they sound crazy to most people. One problem with people here is they are smart, and can't relate to the common man. We have to dumb things down and start from scratch. It takes years to assimilate this stuff, and we can't expect people to understand from the start.

Thomas Jefferson:
I know of no safe repository of the ultimate power of society but people. And if we think them not enlightened enough, the remedy is not to take the power from them, but to inform them by education.

No Party!

Both Conventions demonstrated that both of these two parties are top down organizations. I believe that if people thought an independent could win, they would vote for them. AmericaVotes.com had the right idea but crashed and burned when they required personal info upfront. (Social etc...). They did it to ensure the integrity of the vote. But I think they (or we) could do it differently. Limit to one candidate per IP address. It's not good enough to be legal but people would be willing to vote and with a little PR, everyone would see how many votes an independent candidate could get. Next step would be to organize volunteers in each state to get the petitions signed and the candidate on the ballet. All the pieces would be in place. All the people need is confidence that a good candidate could win!

I have an idea

Lets make this book of a bunch of rules that protect liberty. Lets make it so no one can every break these rules and live by the book. Lets call it, the constitution. It shouldn't be set in stone, we should be allowed to make changes to it which protect liberty even more when situations come up in the future.

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

If you want to be like the Founder's, then you must also

dis-like the document you come up with.

Also -- the first three presidents must circumvent the hell out of it, just out-and-out ignore it -- so that way you set a precedent that every single politician (save one - RP) will follow.

Make sure there's an oath too, because that works to "ensure" to the adherence of circumvention; though the words circumvent and ignore should be written in invisible ink.

Hahahahah *wink*

It's true though

Free State Project

The next part of our journey as liberty activists has to be the Free State Project:




+1, for those that have a

+1, for those that have a realistic opportunity. They have one in WY as well. While the NH one is bigger, as a share of the state's population I think they are roughly the same.

NH does suffer from it's proximity to a major, over regulated metro like Boston. It seems like for every FSPer that moves there, 5 drones who are simply fed up with the hassles of MA moves there. And then, dutifully, like the good progressive drones that they are; set about to vote for people working to make NH as much of a dump as MA already is.

WY is a bit less overran in that way, although do suffer from too large a share of the economy being devoted to clipping the toenail and otherwise servicing Bailout Benny's best pals when they come out to play Cowboy.

Anyway, regardless; in addition to voting and agitating for political change, practical maneuvers like joining FSP is important. Other things to do, is set up and familiarize oneself with Bitcoin, and try to work it into ones daily routines. The big hassle with Bitcoin, is the setup, but once past that, it's pretty smooth sailing. And the more people who hold Bitcoins, the more it become viable for businesses to offer it as a payment option. Ditto for TOR, and other anonymizing tools. It is lots harder for would be oppressors to oppress those they don't know who is, and what those who's have.

And while I'm sure there are people here who are so paranoid that they're convinced Bitcoin and TOR is "compromised", as of current Silkroad is able to sell drugs, which carry 10+ years of penalties, without having been prosecuted, using those specific tools. So, even if the NSA should have backdoors that they will reveal in the case of peddlers of nuclear warheads, weapons grade plutonium or realistic plans to shoot the President, they don't seem to be sharing with the more plebian segments of our oppressors. Somthing that cannot be said for any other means of communicating and transacting anymore. So, until something "better" comes along, "disappearing" behind a wall built by, amongst others, these two, by making it more expensive for the oppressors to extract resources from us, we are doing liberty a favor.

I'm there after law school

I'm there after law school

MY Personal Liberty Statement...

Would go something like this...and does.

No more pandering to establishment candidates, platforms, or policy.
ONLY concentrate on those issues that have direct effect on personal liberty and constitutional freedom. Things like ending participation in U.N. Agenda 21, fixing the NDAA, and ending the Patriot Act and TSA infringements on our rights.
All of that other infamous politicized bologna can go directly to the back burner. Everything from workplace freedom to abortion and gay rights has no room for any attention if we are going to save our free republic. Politicized issues are just that and are only in play to continue the divide and rule mentality.
IF we are to restore our lost liberty we must work together with all people that understand this loss of liberty is taking place and set aside our "party" differences for another day.


This is a mission statement

This is a mission statement moving forward written in Georgia but easily applicable to all states.


Well here is one line to add

Well here is one line to add to this vision:
"The organic growth of Liberty and a Free Society"

Southern Agrarian

Haha 5th Discipline. I

Haha 5th Discipline. I actually have the audio book on cassette tape from way back in 1995 or something.

Southern Agrarian

My thoughts on the future

History tells us that the event or "tipping point" will be sudden and unexpected. If you told the average CIA operative in 1985 that the Soviet Union would begin to collapse at the end of the 1980's he would have laughed in your face. We know the financial tsunami is building, however 85% as yet do not, nor do they feel the oppression that builds with the collapse. We will need 85% of people on board before we can enact change.

The establishment will not go quietly. Be prepared to wait it out. Invest in your future.

Ask not what your Paul can do for you, but what you can do for your country - Anon.

We all need to out produce

We all need to out produce the authoritarians. We should all have 12 babies and homeschool them. Imagine our kids generation how many libertarians the world would have if we multiplied our numbers by 12.

I believe we could do an

I believe we could do an awful lot worse than simply, genuinely and uncompromisingly adopt Lord Actons dictum that "Liberty is not a means to a higher political end. It is itself the highest political end."

Meaning, it doesn't really matter what unfettered liberty leads to. Even the absolute worst possible outcome of liberty, is, by definition, better than even the best possible outcome of any restriction on it whatsoever.

Accept no limits on liberty. And never, never, never let anyone separate us, or distract us from that goal, regardless of how horribly they may claim some scary "others" choose to use their liberty.

Some may use their liberty to abort their fetuses/babies, some to do drugs, some to stone their wives, stock up on arms, peddle child porn, attempt to monopolize some market or any other supposed "bad." The important thing is, while not all of us may personally condone all of the above, one could at least hope supposed champions of liberty will recognize that as bad as some of those things may be, any conceivable government is infinitely worse.

Any government and judiciary given enough power to prosecute, judge and punish people for any of the above, is also powerful enough to prosecute people for any other darned reason they darned well please. And given that, in every conceivable, at least non divine, organization; those with the least scruples wrt advancing themselves, aka the biggest scumbags, WILL inevitably climb to leadership; and from there go on to prosecuting, judging and punishing people for any darned thing that may please. And THAT is government. There is no other government, outside the fantasy worlds of well indoctrinated progressives.

So; just remember ".....the highest possible end"; damn the torpedoes; and even if unfettered liberty should happen to lead straight to nuclear Armageddon; well, then there's always Zapata's quote that "It's better to die upon your feet than to live upon your knees!" At least on a barren, radioactive rock unfit for any life, there won't be anyone running around taxing, punishing, harassing, enslaving and otherwise doing all that governments do to people.

"Just Leave Me The Hell Alone".

That is all the vision the Liberty movement needs.

It will resonate with 95% of Americans.


And also, leave everybody

And also, leave everybody else alone, as well, regardless of who they are, what they say, and what they do.

99% of the progressively indoctrinated dregs comprising those 95%, no longer seem to have gotten that part of the liberty memo.

The most important is to make the American people

realize they are being lied to. This will take many efforts to spread truth about what our government is doing behind the scenes. Right now 80% of Americans do not believe the official story of 911. This was the entire pretext for the war on terror and the multiple wars. We also need to organize with all parties to expose election fraud and demand a voting system that can not be tampered with.Realize that almost all elected officials in the federal government must be replaced. Vote anti-incumbent except for the few Liberty candidates out there. Make calls to every elected official in your state on a weekly basis...numbers do matter.Continue to call and challenge the media whenever they are promoting propaganda. Withdraw your money from any big wall street banks and refuse to do business with them. Support your local community banks.Support small local businesses whenever possible. Organize to demand that the Federal reserve audit bill is passed and enforced in the senate. Call your local democratic party leaders and tell them that Harry Reid must bring this to a vote. Call the white house or send them a letter demanding Obama sign this bill into law if passed and not vetoed.