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New Mexico Tampa 8 Strike Back

This is being sent to every major Newspaper in New Mexico

Title: Epic Fail in Tampa

Dear Editor,

When the history of the 2012 presidential election is written, historians will likely identify the Republican National Committee’s treatment of Ron Paul delegates at the 2012 RNC convention as the major mistake of the campaign. Around 500 delegates and alternate delegates arrived in Tampa to support Ron Paul. It was known from the start that Ron Paul did not have enough votes to get the nomination, however the Ron Paul delegates wanted to place his name in nomination and count every vote. In other words, they wanted a little respect for Dr. Paul and an acknowledgment of the liberty movement. They also expected a compromise from the RNC that would throw a few bones to the liberty movement in exchange for a unified party coming out of the convention.

What actually happened was devastating. The first inkling that something was wrong was at the security line where every single Ron Paul sign was confiscated. Once inside, the entire convention was embedded with Romney-Ryan signs. The next major blow was the failure of the RNC to acknowledge that they lost the voice vote on credentialing. In fact, the teleprompter actually indicated a win for the RNC before the vote was taken. The result of the credentialing vote was that the majority Ron Paul delegation from Maine was illegally stripped of their credentials. It was at this point, that the Ron Paul delegates realized the fix was in and the demonstrations began. So much for party unity. Despite all of the obstacles, the Nevada delegation submitted a list of six states that had plurality votes for Dr. Paul (sufficient by RNC rules to place his name in nomination). The RNC simply ignored their own rules and refused to place Ron Paul’s name in formal nomination. The roll call itself was embarrassing to watch. The moderator would only acknowledge votes for Romney and ignored the Ron Paul votes, even in states like Iowa, Nevada, and Minnesota where Ron Paul actually won. No points of order were acknowledged from the floor, no roll call votes were allowed, and no verbal dissent was allowed from the floor or the podium. Then to add salt to the wound, the RNC proposed and passed two rules that would stifle any future grassroots movement. Under these new rules, the Reagan grassroots effort of 1976 and the Ron Paul movement of 2012 would no longer be possible.

It would be a mistake to think that only Ron Paul delegates noticed this outrage. Former RNC chair Michael Steele called it, “the height of rudeness and stupidity.” Haley Barbour called it “overreaching” by the old guard. The end result was an epic failure on the part of the RNC. Instead of a united party heading into a close election, there is now a schism in the party. The decision by the RNC and the Romney campaign to reject the Ron Paul wing of the party should trouble every member of the party. We should never forget that, Ronald Reagan, the greatest vote getter and most beloved figure in modern Republican history had this to say about the liberty wing of the party, “I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism.”

David K. Clements (Alternate Delegate)
Bev Courtney (Alternate Delegate)
Aaron Henry Diaz (Alternate Delegate)
Lance Klafeta (Alternate Delegate)
Patrick Marron (Delegate)
Charles Mellon, MD (Alternate Delegate)
Gary Miles (Alternate Delegate)
Aaron Moskowitz (Delegate)

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If I may:

For maximum impact send this to media in swing states and not just New Mexico....

If you dont have manpower to do all swing states decide on one and focus your effort there.

Excellent, but don't just do it in New Mexico

Send a version of it to EVERY local paper in EVERY state.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

Re: Thank you!

...for writing this statement, and putting your names to it.

In the days of the NDAA, and federal reports that call right-wingers threats to national security, you may have, like the founding fathers, placed your lives and fortunes at risk.

While that's less probable than when the British governed North America, I still thank you for speaking up regarding the atrocity that took place in Tampa. I watched the video of Gary Johnson speaking at PAULFest, and what struck me near the end is that Romney could have set a similar tone.

Don't get me wrong - Romney isn't going to call for ending the IRS and the Federal Reserve, or back pedal his NDAA endorsement. OK, he might do the last one, since he back-pedals more than Ron Paul pedals around South Texas the old-fashioned way. Point is, though, imagine what kind of GENUINE UNITY (not manufactured, centrally controlled garb) we would have in the GOP if Romney had extended the same kind of olive branch. Something like:

Ron & I have some disagreements, but I respect him for bringing these issues forward, and engaging in a serious debate while others tried to distract us with 'vulture' taunts or other pettiness. We both agree on rolling the state back, its just a question of how much.

Followed by "I have two words for Ron Paul: Thank you."

The problem is that Romney lacks the humility to look over at someone who held a minority rump of support, and instead of going all Bain-tastic and restructuring the Maine Delegation, extend the olive branch and be gracious. In the end, that hurts Romney more than it hurts Ron, believe me!

Excellant, but what about the buses?

Great job! But what about the buses being led off or redirected - that's something that ought to be in there too.
Thanks :)

I think the buses were intentionally delayed

But the point of this letter is to persuade non Ron Paul republicans. We felt the bus issue would be counter productive to our goal .

Super well done letter!

Could it be sent to national media for possible publication? Why not send copies of what gets publicized to our representatives, after all aren't some of them Republicans? And, don't they have a right to know how you feel! I think so! In fact, I think the Pope has the right to know how you feel. Hope your article gets published far and wide. And, I hope the other states follow your wonderful example!


As much as I'd love for msm to publish this,

I think it'll just get squashed and buried. Taking out a full page add may work better.

Interesting idea




What do you think would of happened if the peolpe reading their state's voted to the RNC would of asked on the microphone that ALL votes be acknowledged out of respect for their state?

that happened in nv

But unless you had a delegation chair willing to do that , only the chairs were allowed to talk on the mics,delegates had no control how their votes were cast

Nice job!

Send this far and wide. I hope other states delegations follow suit and do the same.


Great observations.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

Great Job

We need more of these - in every state. Let's hear from Alaska too! What happened in the Massachutes primary? Arizona, NV, Louisiana, Missouri, OK, I think Ron Paul was right... We have the numbers.


Great editorial. I am working on one similar here in Ohio.
Regardless the consequences to the gop this November the public needs to know what happened in Tampa.

It was great meeting Patrick and the rest of the New Mexico patriots at Paulfest.

RPOH - Thank you for doing an editorial...

Please be sure to send it to the Cincinnati Enquirer and Columbus Dispatch and any other major outlets in the state. I would also copy Ben Swann.

Please inform us when the letter has been revised.

Than you, patriots, for your diligent work :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

You forgot

That notarized nomination papers for Ron Paul were successfully delivered and presented and were flatly ignored. There was no rule change requiring 8 states. They were simply ignored.



This was just our initial strike. I'll revise and work to incorporate all your great suggestions


anyone but obamney!


There is one thing I would elaborate on, though. You wrote:
"Despite all of the obstacles, the Nevada delegation submitted a list of six states..."
If you can, please keep it historically correct.
"Despite all of the obstacles, the Nevada delegation submitted a list of six delegations consisting of 5 states and one territory..."
Otherwise, it's perfect.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

reedr3v's picture



Great letter!

This is another reason why we CANNOT vote for Romney in this election cycle. If Romney is elected, our chance for a liberty candidate in the White House is gone till 2020.

Obama is out of the question, if reelected we may NOT have another election cycle to go after, period.

A ‘write in’ Ron Paul campaign for this election, is outright stupid and insane, and is EXACLY what the establishment running our two party system wants you to do.

Remember; they don’t care who is elected. So please put your thinking caps on ladies and gentlemen, as we have precious little time to waste. And waiting another four years is NOT an option as the establishment’s hand writing is clearly on the wall.

Therefore; if Ron Paul DOES NOT want to take a stab at a 'Third Party Run’, we must find a candidate who will.

We have GOT to put aside all our BULLSHIT infighting on this subject, and start working together as a unified group to establish a liberty government, even if it’s ONE BRICK at a time.

Conclusion: Lets unite, PICK a third party candidate, and then stand behind him 100%.

The Winds of Change!

Maybe if we find someone like

Maybe if we find someone like TMOT. His enthusiasm to speak to the people is great, is part of the working class.

It would be really cool if Ben could interview TMOT

on his show. Cincinnati has a large AA population that votes Obama based on skin color, which is a shame. He could really reach the hearts of these folks.

JustLiberty4US's picture

This is a great letter and

This is a great letter and explanation regarding what happened at the national convention. People need to know the truth (and hear it explained over and over again until it sinks in). Please let us know if your letter gets published.

tell it

And, personally, it's anyone but Obomney in Nov.

bump to inform


"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."