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Rand Paul on ABC This Week: Libertarians are the Future of the GOP

Here's Rand banging his head against the GOP wall, talking sense.


"The AYES have it"- Eddy Boener - declaring Rule 16 passed by a voice vote when it didn't.

"FIVE, Romney" Minnesota delegate roll call omitting Ron Paul's 22 votes.

Is heard louder in the Republican Party.

There is no need to attract voters, like Rand advocates, when you can just rig elections.

The power to count the votes is more important to the Republican party it seems than getting them.

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I try to remain optimistic

I try to remain optimistic (without becoming unrealistic).

If the GOP loses this election, then momentum will shift further toward the libertarian elements of the Party as Rand is suggesting (whether through changes in the GOP or as a new major party).

If the GOP wins but perpetuates its old big-government ways, then the economic collapse that anti-Obama Republicans fear will come to pass anyway and momentum will still shift toward libertarian ideals.

If the GOP wins and Romney actually follows through on the libertarian-inspired ideas that made their way into the Party Platform, then libertarian thought will gain more credibility and the GOP will further embrace it.

I try to hold out hope at least that any one of these paths will prove Rand right. Of course, I could be wrong...

What is the difference

What is the difference between Benedict Arnold, Judas, and Rand Paul? I have a problem with all three.


if he is sensible. He is ALONE in the GOP now. Karl Rove and AIPAC will run all kinds of ads to demolish him in his next re-election.

Rand should be sane like his father. GOP is a CLOSED party (Hello - anybody listenning????...) and all of its members are ISRAEL FIRSTERS.

GOP is an offshoot of the Govt. of Israel.

I just watched the whole

I just watched the whole interview and I must say I would love nothing more from Santa than to be able to slap that stupid look off Paul Krugman's face. I imagine Alexander Hamilton had that same stupid look when he was proposing life terms for the President and the "blessing" of public debts.

I hope Krugman doesn't have kids we don't need anymore of his ilk in this country.

I would have loved to see

I would have loved to see that woman's face had Romney received no votes from a state.

Would she just go up there and say "Zero, Romney"?

I'm staying in the GOP

but I will vote GJ in November as my protest vote.

as for Rand, I am on the fence but warming up.

He's a smart man. I'd vote

He's a smart man. I'd vote for him.

There's an alternative.

There's an alternative. Infiltrate the GOP and drive the Democrats in Republican clothing back to the Democratic or some minority party. ;)


My experience is this is feasible at the local level. Beyond that requires time and organization, and can also be accomplished.

I am going to stick it out

I am going to stick it out and remain part of the GOP whether they want me or not. I won't donate to them or spend time phone banking for them, but I will remain a part of it until 2016. If Romney wins or not I expect a Paul to run and by then we will have more House Reps, Senators, and who knows maybe AJ Spiker will get Reince's job!

Your first sentence is excellent.


If romney wins, NO other republican will

have a chance in 2016 due to Rule 16

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Rule 16 will be around even

Rule 16 will be around even if he loses.

Maybe. Unless he's in prison

Maybe. Unless he's in prison where he belongs. Maybe it won't matter who the Republican nominee is in 2016.

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Rand's been on a roll

It's been an excellent couple weeks for Rand.

Prime time nationally-televised interviews on Fox and CNN where he repeatedly dropped "libertarian". Rousing speech at the convention. And today's superb appearance on 'This Week', where he again worked in "libertarian" and even-handedly criticized both Obama and Romney.

And Monday he's on Hannity again.

This is what I hoped for when he won the senate seat. He's really carrying the torch.

Do what feels right for you

Libertarians may be the future of the GOP, but as for me, I am done with the Republican Party. I am going to switch my party affiliation to the Libertarian Party.

Do I agree with everything in the Libertarian platform? Probably not, but that is true, no matter which party I support. Close enough for horse shoes. At least their hands are not covered in blood, like the two headed monster's hands. For me, that is a huge factor.

What this means is that the Republicans don't get anymore money. I will support legitimate Republican liberty candidates. But that is it.

The Republican Party has shown itself to be a completely criminal operation and I do mean CRIMINAL. I no longer wish to be associated with it in any way.

The rigged elections are a sham and a distraction. They are an important front line in the revolution for liberty, but not the only front line. I will probably spend more time on other fronts, from now on, where I can get a better return for my financial and psychic investment.

I am just speaking for myself. I am not saying that this is the right path for everyone. I just think that it is right for me. Each and everyone one of us has to decide their own path and no one else can do it for you.

Don't give up the fight for truth and liberty. We are winning.

I have a serious question for

I have a serious question for you, and it' not asked for purposes of dissuading you from your chosen path: if the Libertarian Party were to become a bigger party and gain more traction, don't you think the establishment would corrupt it as well?

Of course, one advantage the LP has is its name. It would be hard for a party called the Libertarian Party to stray too far from the rather precise governing philosophies that libertarianism dictates.

SteveMT's picture

How do the libertarians survive in the GOP, now?

In case Rand missed it, the GOP just took a wrecking-ball to the libertarian delegates and to one libertarian candidate named Ron Paul. Where do you get libertarian-minded candidates if they have been very unceremoniously thrown-out of the party without due process? What is Rand even doing showing-up on this program? Is he also trying to change this den of neocon wolves from the inside?

Steve, you're better than this

You know that the establishment GOP has the numbers and the leadership positions to "take a wrecking-ball to the libertarian delegates", and that Ron AND Rand (and thousands of activists) are trying to change that. They're trying to create a libertarian majority within the GOP, and tremendous strides have been made toward that, but it doesn't happen overnight.

And you know that Rand is showing up on this program for the same reason Ron campaigned for Prez - to move minds; to change the culture; to make liberty more palatable to more people; to wake people up.

Would you prefer he stay home and leave the airwaves exclusively to the statists?

SteveMT's picture

Thanks for your higher opinon of me than my comment warranted.

Rand will be on Fox News w/Hannity tomorrow also. He is making the rounds on the talking-heads programs, it seems.

The airwaves are already owned by the statists, IMO. Is he trying to wake those asleep or is he trying to change us? I haven't decided yet. The candidates have already been chosen for 2012. There is nothing that can be changed for this election cycle. The changes that could have made should have been attempted during the previous year, like we have been trying to do, not now. It's too late, now. The political memory of people is very short, so what is Rand really trying to do now is the question? It's done now, over and finished, for this election. If Rand did wake up some people by participating in these political programs, who are they going to vote for? Rand's endorsement of Romney means that he would like others to also vote for Romney, us included. How is that going to change anything? You have a higher opinion of me than I do for the RNC and this political game being played-out. As you can tell, I don't like the game at all. The heart of the Liberty Movement is being eviscerated by all these actions, IMO. What will be left when this process is completed?

You think he might be trying to change us, the purists?

I have more faith that the guy raised by Ron Paul, who sat at Ron Paul's dinner table all those years, is cut from the same cloth and is, therefore, a hardcore libertarian.

And I've heard NOTHING out of his mouth to indicate otherwise. (Sorry, weak 'endorsements' of Romney mean nothing to me, not when it's obviously political.)

You think the guy beating the bushes of NH 5 years ago and 1 year ago for his dad; subbing for Ron in Mass at a huge tea party rally, is trying to change *us*?

I find that not believable.

You strike me as one who had VERY high hopes and expectations regarding the outcome of 2012, and is still hungover. If true, I've got news for you: It's not "too late, now", as you state - these candidates were hand-picked well *over a year ago*. Ron Paul was not gonna be nominated without a SEISMIC cultural shift, an enlightenment, that simply doesn't happen that quick. And when it does happen, you'll know it, because you'll see blood, because trillion dollar interests don't surrender quietly.

You think Ron cared about "this election cycle"? You think Rand *does*? I've got more news for you: Rand doesn't care about the NEXT election cycle, either. He's trying to move the needle as best he can, period. Liberty will be voted in at the ballot box if and when its time has come.

And if you truly believe that "Rand's endorsement of Romney means that he would like others to vote for Romney", you are deluded.

Well said. It amazes me that

Well said.

It amazes me that some people here can't see that Rand is doing the exact same thing as Ron did on a larger and broader scale.

Ron used the Republican Party to try to change minds and spread ideas, understanding that it ultimately takes a change in ideas to change the course of a nation.

People say Rand is different because he's playing politics. Ron played politics too. Have people forgotten that video of Ron saying he promised to support Texas GOP incumbents? Have people not noticed that Ron has always walked a line between speaking the truth while trying not to unnecessarily hurt his own party?

Rand is a senator. He has a more powerful seat at the table, and so it shouldn't be surprising that he needs to play more politics than his dad, who was merely a representative. And further, Rand has seen how his father's ostracization impeded his progress, and likely has his own view on what the most effective balance is.

Rand has done a brilliant job at a game that's not easy at all.

Remember, WE didn't elect Rand. We helped, but Rand got elected because millions of Kentucky voters who are NOT like you and me voted for him. Keep that in mind the next time you start criticizing Rand for being a little bit of a politician at times.

If I may chime in with an opinion.

The way I see it, Rand is playing it one of a few ways.

1. He is infiltrating the GOP, walking the middle of the road between the establishment and the Libertarian segment and will remain that way for his entire career simply doing the best he can within the empire and having a long career in politics while helping our movement some.

2. Or, he will pull a Kennedy once he wins the Presidency, do a full turn towards Liberty, and pick up right where his father left off.

If the threats have not come in yet, they will if option 2 is taken.

We simply don't know and won't know, so I'll just keep a close eye on Rand for now.

Waking up the sleeping

"Is he trying to wake those asleep or is he trying to change us?"

I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. ~ Thomas Jefferson

I think the future of the GOP is the wastebasket

Is the GOP really worth saving? When I have rotten fruit in my refrigerator, I toss it; I don't try to "save" it. You cannot save what's already gone. While I respect Rand and wish him well in his attempts to save the GOP, I for one, will play no part in either of these corrupt parties. Maybe, in time, things will change; for now, I will look outside of the two main parties.

Rand is not trying to "save" the GOP...

he's trying to CHANGE it.

As is anyone who has supported Ron Paul for most of the past three decades.

Those words could be used interchangeably

I definitely agree that Rand is genuine in his attempt to change the status quo. I'm just a little cynical that these two corrupt parties can, in fact, be saved/changed. I once said that Rand is trying to pull a Luke Skywalker here (which, of course, is a good thing). The problem is is that there is far more good in Death Vader than there is in the GOP. Maybe I'm wrong about the possibility of change within the GOP - and I hope that I am. Personally, I'd rather go the opposite route; that is, begin to dismantle these parties. Maybe this is unrealistic. I guess only time will tell.

The bottom line is that there IS hope. I only question the proper path to take in achieving real change.

Well, I don't think you used them interchangeably

The GOP doesn't need saving because it's not in trouble. As a cesspool of thieves and corrupters, it's thriving.

If you want to affect it or harm it (or "change" it), I think the Paul's are proving it is faster and more effective to do so from within. It took a confluence of events - primarily an already cultish-figure, freakishly re-elected Congressman running in the primary for President and thrown a bone by Guliani to establish a rallying point/leader - but it seems to me that Ron/Rand (stay tuned) are doing more to "dismantle" the GOP in the past five years than the Libertarian Party has done in forty.

To be clear - I do think the LP has a role and should continue pressing on. I'll certainly make my voice heard by voting for Johnson.

All good points

Although I have little in the GOP, I agree with your assessment. Regardless of what happens, the rEVOLution will press forward. And I will be forever grateful to the Paul's - particularly Ron, who cured my apathy!

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