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Rand Paul on ABC This Week: Libertarians are the Future of the GOP

Here's Rand banging his head against the GOP wall, talking sense.


"The AYES have it"- Eddy Boener - declaring Rule 16 passed by a voice vote when it didn't.

"FIVE, Romney" Minnesota delegate roll call omitting Ron Paul's 22 votes.

Is heard louder in the Republican Party.

There is no need to attract voters, like Rand advocates, when you can just rig elections.

The power to count the votes is more important to the Republican party it seems than getting them.

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op too.

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Rand's deal with the republicans

does keep him on TV spreading the word
He won't change the party and they will marginialize him when they need to but at least he has a platform
For the average person though, what does the republican party offer you?

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ON the show Rand was forced to admit (to Krugman URG!)

that Romney's supposed free market position that government doesn't create jobs also applies to his military spending to create jobs program.

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A reminder of How the RNC plays

Ben Swan explains
RNC Sham

Don't expect to reason with them-they have decided to keep libertarians out as they don't support the warfare state and statism in general.

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Then why are...

the "Brand Paul" people trying to kick libertarians out of the Rand Paul "movement"??? Is he saying one thing, and his posse saying another? Or are they on the same page??? I can't tell anymore. He's all over the place...

He better learn from his father and control his message, because if you can't keep people on the same page, your support disintegrates...

Either the libertarians are welcome or their not Rand, but if you think they are, you better have a talk with your intelligentsia and supporters who have declared war on them so you can compromise yourself to the establishment's liking and be given the illusion of inclusion at the seat of power...


In other words he may be saying that things will get so bad that current republicans will have no choice...either that or join the Democrats?

In that case I predict that the neo-cons will go back to the Democratic Party. ;)


Watch the clip, that's not what Rand is saying

He's not banging his head against a wall there, he's saying something that even neocons say, which is that "in certain parts of the country" such as the west coast and new england, it may be better to run candidates who are "more libertarian" who are "less aggressive" and "more socially tolerant."

Here's him saying the same thing in another interview:

"I also think there are certain areas of the country where Republicans cannot win or don't seem to be able to win – California, New England. Whereas a little different Republican, a libertarian Republican – a little bit less aggressive [on] foreign policy, maybe a little bit more socially tolerant and still fiscally conservative – I think could win in places like Maine, Massachusetts, places like that," explained the younger Paul.

Basically he's only saying that in some blue states it would help to run a candidate who goes a bit lighter on the warmongering and doesn't offend people by being anti gay marriage and so on. As the commentary that follows there points out, being "a little bit less aggressive" on foreign policy is not going to turn neocons into libertarians.

And note also that Rand isn't saying at all that this is the "future of the GOP," simply that it's a strategy for winning a bit more in the blue states. He doesn't say in any way that the neocon message needs to be toned down in the red states where it works.

There's nothing in the way Rand put this that couldn't be endorsed by Rove or any of the neocon strategists.

it might help but they show NO SIGN of doing so

indeed they went out of their way to disenfranchise libertarians at the convention
The party bosses know that libertarians have no room for the industrian military complex spending and that is what feeds the RNC.

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Completely different thing

What Rand said isn't about actual libertarians *at all*. They want to disenfranchise actual libertarians as much as they possibly can, and then try to get us to be docile in response. (What we *need* to do is show them that if they cheat us in August they lose in November.)

What they want isn't about libertarianism, it is about a variant of neoconism that is, in Rand's own words, "a little bit less aggressive" on foreign policy and so on. Not even slightly close to being the same thing.

Agree NOT to vote for them

disagree to try and infiltrate the party to "conform" them
Again if you are so inclined to fight them in a game where they control the rules, have fun.

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. . . have fun

Seriously... If you are committed to the admittedly odious task of reforming the Republican party, find ways to keep it fun for yourself or you will surely burn out with frustration.

Its a worthy effort if you have the stomach for it and those that revert to or remain independent should nonetheless cheer you on and welcome you back here to drink from the well of ideological libertarian purity...

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” —Thomas Jefferson

Baby steps.

Baby steps.
He can't just come out and say they're being exclusionary, pig-headed, and cutting off their own noses to spite their faces.


Yeah he would have an especially hard time saying that

after endorsing Mitt and reading Mitt-approved words to the camera just one day after the RNC followed Mitt's orders to cheat Ron Paul.

He can saw what ever he wants but the NATIONAL RNC

controls the shots- if that is apparent then you didn't watch the convention and the passing of Rule 16 to make sure they stay in control-Ron Paul libertarians be damned.

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Will be interesting to see how Rand does playing nice

and pursuing the infiltration strategy.
I predict he will either be out of politics in 6 years or out of the Republican Party

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and like his dad, back in 10 years on

Maybe by then the republican party will have crashed and burned and be ripe for revival. They need to lose this election for that to happen Other wise it will be the ends justified the means if they win this year.

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GOP tactics are like crony capitalists' tactics

Free markets and free elections are fine in theory, unless they don't produce the desired results, then its about bail outs and vote rigging.

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