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$20 Million + doesn't do any good sitting idle

I don't mean to be negative, but I'm truly concerned and getting a little worried that the campaign will not spend this money. I've max'd my donations but when will I see Ron's message on TV? We need to be on TV! They only spent $240 K in NH? That's 1 % of his war chest. Does the campaign really want to win or are they satisfied with getting the message out and beating Gulianni and Thompson?

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I saw an add on troop support the other night

I saw an add on troop support the other night, and it looked great. Better than any other add this campaign IMHO. My main concern is not with the money the campaign already has being used. It's with the Jan 21st money bomb being used.... How are they going to put a money bomb to use in the last 10 days before super tuesday. I think the logic is horribly flawed, they need to raise the money today and start using it. People may very well make up there minds a couple weeks in advance (if they have not already).

they do their part

Let's do ours. Spread the word.

In Michigan, Detroit Free Press forums is a good place to start.


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There are PLENTY of states that the money can be spent on

If I remember, there are over 20 states voting on Super Tuesday. Even if he did have 20 million left, that would be spread pretty darn thin.

That said. If you are worried about Ron Paul's success in the primary (as I am) then I suggest the following. Sign up to be a Ron Paul Precinct Leader (http://voters.ronpaul2008.com) and win your precinct for Ron Paul. Really when you think about it, if all his supporters did that, RP would have the nomination in the bag.

Face to face conversation is sooo much more powerful than TV or radio adds. Think of it... you would be talking to your neighbors. That means you are one of them and that will lend you credibility. At least more credibility than a voice preaching at them over the radio.

Also, I believe our "one on one" efforts in Iowa and NH were lost in the noise. Not only were most efforts funded and financed from the outside, there were 10s of millions of dollars spent on canvasing and adds in the weeks before the election. I can imagine it would be too much to take in for the HH voters. Now consider the Super Tuesday states. If you go talk to your neighbors about Ron Paul there is a 99% chance you will be the only one they hear from. There isn't the same amount of noise to compete with. So, in this case I think canvasing can really make a difference.

What State Are You In?

Ron Paul is famous for winning unwinnable races. He does it by surgically targeting his supporters. He will use direct mail and ads. Remember timing is everything, too. The time may not be right for your state.

Your money will be spent in the best possible way. I believe the precinct list data is being bought all over the country, and that alone is not cheap. Walking is going to make an impression. Who else can turn out that kind of support?


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Could be that...

they are using the money for Super Tuesday, there have been a miniscule amount of delegates determined to this point. Hopefully they have spent that money and used it to pre pay for ad time in the Super Tuesday states.

dude, get your facts straight

they spent over 3 million on ads alone in NH.

We do not have nearly 20 million left.

those who think HQ is rolling in the dough need to wake up and smell the mlk money bomb.

Money bomb & Operation Broadcast Freedom

My friends we need to give money to the tv ads being produced by operation broadcast freedom in mi, sc, and nv right now.