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Education Time: Learn The National GOP Structure Here

The national GOP (RNC) is made up of 168 people. Those 168 people are a combination of 3 people from each state and 6 territories. So 56 x 3 = 168 people. Those 3 people are the National Committeeman (NC), National Committeewoman (NC), and the state party chair. NCs serve from the adjournment of one convention to the adjournment of the next convention. This makes affecting 2016 a bit more difficult. State party chairs serve only during their elected term at the state level. This is where our focus needs to be at. Getting state party chairs represents significant power in RNC elections because that could be a voting bloc of 56 votes. While a majority of 85 is needed to get elected as Chairman of the RNC, 56 state chairs can exert massive influence plus they have other influence elsewhere that I'll cover in a bit.

Elections for the Chairman and co-chairman of the RNC are conducted every odd year in January. They don't have to be National GOP (RNC) members themselves to serve in those positions. They have to be nominated from the floor and have the majority of support from 3 states. So if we had the majority in 3 states, we could nominate someone to replace Priebus. To be elected, you need to get 85 votes. It takes 2/3rds majority vote to remove an elected officer. That means with 112 members, we can overthrow the rotten apples. Also, any RNC member who refuses to support the GOP nominee can have their position considered vacated. So at the least, anyone we get inside needs to feign support for any snake they thrust upon us.

The RNC Officers consist of the National Chairman, the National Co-Chairman, and 8 Vice Chairmen. The 8 VCs consist of one man and woman from each of 4 major regions. The VCs are elected in January of odd years. Any state party chairs or NCs that we have now could potentially get elected next January. Otherwise, the next election after that would be Jan 2015 and then Jan 2017.

The RNC Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee consists of 29 people. The 10 officers in the paragraph above, the secretary, the treasurer, the general counsel, Finance Committee Chairman, Standing Committee on Rules Chairman, Standing Budget Committee Chairman, Standing Committee on Resolutions Chairman, the Chairman of the State Chairman's Advisory Committee, 3 people appointed by the RNC Chairman. Finally, 8 people from each of the 4 regions (1 man & 1 woman) as elected by those 4 regions. This committee will be formed as a result of the Jan 2013 elections.

Finance Committee:

The General Counsel, who is appointed by RNC Chairman, is the Chairman of the Finance Committee, so it appears he is twice represented in the Executive Committee. Bottom line, this is not the way into the Executive Committee unless we get RNC Chair first.

Rules Committee:

1 person from each state, chosen by the 3 RNC members from that state. So 56 people on Rules Committee. Those 56 vote for a chairman, who becomes part of Executive Committee. Since the chairman is an elected position, this is a good chance at getting one of our own into the Executive Committee.

Resolutions Committee:

2 RNC members from each of the 4 regions. Each region elects its 2 members. RNC chairman appoints a Resolutions Committee Chairman from among RNC members so a total of 9 people. Since the RNC Chair appoints the Chairman, this isn't such a good chance at getting into the Executive Committee unless we gain RNC Chair first.

Budget Committee:

Budget Committee consists of 11 members. 3 are appointed by RNC chairman. 1 man and woman from each of the 4 regions elected by their region in Jan of odd years. 1 of the 11 members will be appointed chair by the RNC chairman. I expect that if we don't get the RNC Chairman position, that it is likely the Budget Committee Chairman will be appointed from 1 of the 3 appointees or any non-Liberty members of the Budget Committee. This means that the Budget Committee is likely to be the worst chance at getting into the Executive Committee unless we hold the RNC Chair position.

State Chairmen's Advisory Committee:

This committee is composed of the 56 state chairmen. The RNC chair picks 1 of the 56 to be the Chairman of the State Chairmen's Advisory Committee. Since that is an appointed position, this represents a poor shot at getting into the Executive Committee unless we hold RNC Chair.

So now that you know what The Powers That Be in the RNC consists of, now we need to know how best to get total control of it so that we can restore order to the RNC. We have to identify if we have any people at the most basic level of the RNC such as NCs or state party chairs. I believe we do because AJ Spiker is a state party chair in Iowa. So we need to get Liberty candidates into state party chair and NC positions. We need to work on getting at least 85 people into the RNC over the next several years. I realize that may be a daunting task, so to that I add that we need to identify people that are already in as to whether they desire fairness or are part of the rotten fruit within. Some may not be pro-Ron Paul but I bet there are some that just want things to be fair.

Since many committees are elected by people from the four major regions, we need to gain majority control in those regions. We should identify which regions we have the most control in and to the extent that we've exhausted everything in our own regions, we should help support efforts in the region we are most successful in making inroads.

Since the Executive Committee includes the RNC Chair, Co-Chair, General Counsel, and 5 chairman from committees that have their chairs appointed by the RNC Chair, 8 of the 29 Executive Committee members are essentially going to be "insiders". Getting RNC Chair is vital to getting a significant voice at the Executive Committee level.

The way I see it, this information gives us the framework for building a strategy for taking over the National GOP. I'll try to lay out what I think is a good plan that goes from short term goals to long term goals:

1. Identify any liberty folks we already have within RNC ranks. Also, reach out to any in there that desire fairness over corruption.
2. Try to get 56 state party chairs, particularly in any states that elect those chairs between now and 2016.
3. Work towards achieving 85 members in the RNC to get a majority in internal elections.
4. Keep working towards getting 112 members to create the 2/3rds to start evicting corrupted people.
5. Once #3 is achieved, get elected to RNC Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer by the 85.
6. Our RNC Chair needs to appoint liberty people to ensure fairness.

This list can't be completed by 2016 because 112 of the 168 RNC member spots are NCs that serve from convention to convention, so they'll have those spots until the 2016 convention is over. This will be a long term battle. I don't suspect we will have top-control until the 2020 or 2024 election, at the earliest. Although, if we can evict NCs at their respective state levels, we can gain control sooner. This means identifying those states where NCs are most vulnerable. That means we need state-level strategies as well. Basically, we got to start packing liberty-minded people into these state conventions. So instead of tearing up membership cards, start attending meetings.