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Alert - Rand Paul on Fox News (Hannity) Monday night, Sept 10

Rand's been on a roll.

Prime time nationally-televised interviews on Fox and CNN where he repeatedly dropped "libertarian". Rousing speech at the convention. And today's superb appearance on 'This Week', where he again worked in "libertarian" and even-handedly criticized both Obama and Romney.

This is what I hoped for when he won the senate seat. He's really carrying the torch.

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thanks for

letting us know...I will make sure to busy myself with something more thought provoking and entertaining...like watching paint peel.

I guess you get bored by Ron Paul interviews too, then...

...because Rand delivers Ron's message, only more coherently (arguably).

I Won't be Tuning In

CNBC will find they don't get quite the same ratings bump they were accustomed to when having Ron Paul on. I can't stand Hannity, but I would enjoy it if Ron Paul was on because the conversation/debate was always interesting. I don't foresee anything discussed between Rand and Hannity being the least bit interesting. It'll be all about uniting behind Romney to beat Obama. "Ra-ra red is good, blue is bad", etc...

You need to forget about this election...

...and watch Rand enhance the libertarian brand.

It's not about this election. It never was.

Rand Paul will be able to do

Rand Paul will be able to do something Ron could never do, and that is get the national medias attention. By the time 2016 comes around, if Rand Paul has the support I believe he will challenge Romney and WIN. We have to keep electing more liberty candidates and keep flexing our muscle.