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Rand Paul Book Signing in New York City (AKA Vote For Romney Rally)

I just got back from a Rand Paul book signing and rally in New York City at Rebel NYC. The speakers were Jack Hunter, Peter Schiff, Doug Stafford, Dan Halloran and obviously Rand Paul.

What was unfortunate about this event, is that each speaker essentially put forth the idea that we should hold our nose and vote for Romney. They basically said, "Gary Johnson is a great guy.....BUT he's not going to win, therefore, we need to support Romney to get Obama out of office"

This is the same old line that we must vote for the lesser of two evils because the sky is going to fall if the current guy remains in office and Romney MIGHT be slightly better. In fact, Schiff just about literally said this...he said that he doesn't know what Romney will do when in office but at least his "rhetoric is a little better."

It was pretty disheartening as I sat and listened to each speaker make this point, but what most concerns me is that I truly believe that the establishment is trying to infiltrate the freedom movement through Rand Paul and they are using the name of Ron Paul to do just that.

I'm not sure why Rand Paul is doing this, perhaps he was promised a cabinet position? Perhaps he thinks this is good strategy? I don't know.

All I know is that we are not going to defeat the establishment by endorsing them and the sick feeling I got while sitting through these speeches about liberty and freedom while at the same time they were subtly telling us to vote for Romney will not go away any time soon.

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The idea is to win the

The idea is to win the primary, and then you don't put Rand Paul into an awkward situation.

A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Thomas Jefferson. A vote for Rand Paul is a vote for James Madison.

His votes matter

His votes matter, his words do not

I'll NEVER vote for Romney. JUST LET IT BURN.

If it helps Obama win again then I say LET IT BURN until things get bad enough that the sheeples wake up.

Obviously 95% of the so-called "conservative" sheeples who make up the republican party are still fast asleep.

Rand Paul SOLD OUT by telling me to vote for the establishment HACK Romney. And I HELPED GET HIM ELECTED.

WHY IN THE WORLD, after spending so much Time, Effort and MONEY trying to get Ron Paul elected, would I now vote for EVERYTHING I'VE FOUGHT AGAINST during the last 5 years BY VOTING FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT HACK THE GOP SHOVED DOWN MY THROAT???


"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

I told you so....

and that's why there was not one Ragamuffin to be seen :)

Ragamuffins don't vote for Romney or follow the republiCANS.

Rand did

Rand did not once mention Romney in his speech. This is a lie

quite the conundrum

where's Pat Paulson when you really need him !

I got to add that there are

I got to add that there are some THICK-HEADED IGNORANT PEOPLE ON THIS SITE!

Could you all leave Rand alone? The man is smarter than you, that's why he is where he is, and he obviously has chosen a strategy to use to put forth Libertarian ideas.

Don't spit on the means and then try to take credit for the ends when it happens!!!

..Whats Rand going to say??

Look I HATE Romeny (and Obama)...BUT...What is Rand going to say?

Is Rand going to get up there and say " Dont vote for Romney"??

....He might as well just step down from office as say that because all of the FOXNEWS NASCAR FOOTBALL GAME 6-pack of Swill "red state republicans" are going to...SEE...That Commment...24/7/365 FOR YEARS on FOX.

That would be the end of Rand Paul (and the Biggest WIN Liberty has had in this Country in my life time!).

No...Rand is a tad smarter than fall into that trap.

I don't want Obama to win...

Or do I? 4 more years of hell, then the a lot more of the country will wake up. This country ( the majority who supports the establishment) is like a drug user.. They NEED to hit rock bottom before they get better!

I personally almost don't care....

It seems to me a statist is the nominee of both parties, or we get a Casper Milquetoast in one party (John Kerry being the most recent example I can recall), and a statist, so we get the statist because he's a) tough on terrorism, b)an incumbent c)a {so called} conservative.

But that man should play the tyrant over God, and find Him a better man than himself, is astonishing drama indeed!~~D. Sayers
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


Obama and Romney are both psychopathic

but Obama has there grandiose dream of destroying America, its extremely delusional and very dangerous, Romney is the Slick, Oil business criminal boss who wants to attack Iran, not sure on Obama's stance on Iran with current news, but Im not surprised if some in the high military leadership would remove either if they decide to attack Iran, Its just like in Rome when out of control emperors were brutally murdered by their own conspiring praetorian guards and high ranking general buddies , you know, the Ones who "only answered to the emperor" and had so called "pure loyalty" to him.

Did Rand come out and say,

Did Rand come out and say, "VOTE ROMNEY"?

Exactly, so why imply it?

Rand is the man in 2016, so why the hell would he want you to vote for Romney?

(He endorsed the man for political gain, he didn't say vote for him!)

I was also there...

Rand never mentioned Romney or the election.

Schiff basically said in the last few minutes of his speech that with Obama, there was no chance of being heard and to start moving in a better economic policy direction, but with Romney, there would at least be that chance.

Dan Halloran (running for NY-6 on the Republican, Libertarian, Independence, and Conservative Party tickets) has introduced Ron Paul on 4 different occasions when he has visited NYC. He was probably the most vocal in supporting Romney... but the focus was all about getting Obama out. For what its worth, he stayed around and talked about how in NY, we might as well vote our conscience.

Did I roll my eyes a lot? Yes.

Did I realize I was watching political theater? Yes.

Were there what you would call more 'mainstream' Republicans present? Yup, and they seemed impressed.

The establishment isn't using Rand to 'take us over.' Rand is a vehicle through which we will take over the establishment.

Thank you

Thank you for your honest appraisal

After getting burned Rand Paul is still playing with fire?

And now Schiff and Hunter too?

They better have been promised something really good, for the destruction of their own character and integrity.

If Rand is in the White house

If Rand is in the White house in 2016, what will you say then about these fine gentleman???

Please, try to understand what is being done here. You don't have to like it, but you don't have to sabotage it either with your negativity....

I don't see how that could happen.

The more he endorses criminals, the more it backfires on him.

They're right about getting Obama out of office...

That is an absolute must; otherwise we'll all be marched out to the FEMA camps!

In Obama's 1st term you saw the huge conservative media purge
-Freedom Watch-->cancelled!
-Glen Beck--> Fired!
-Pat Buchanan--> Fired!
-Breitbart--> Dead!
-Lou Dobbs--> cancelled by CNN

Prominent folks are dead scared at what may happen in the 2nd Obama term. Can't help them for jumping the gun and going for the next most feasible alternative. I'll still vote GJ : P

And I back Rand Paul 100%. If all you can do is be negative and knock on Rand Paul then provide us with a better Senator.

Rand never spoke Romeys name

During Rand's speech, he never mention Romney's name.

Buzzfeed interviewed Rand.....here's the link


We got 4 years and 2 months to the 2016 election!!! You will see Rand is with us.


I'm with Rand! Are you

I'm with Rand! Are you referring to the earlier poster?

Who's afraid of the big brown bear Obama?

Lou Dobbs, the fake anti-immigration shill who is married to a Mexican immigrant? Glenn Beck, the Mormon convert who cries crocodile tears on cue for the camera? Pat Buchanan, whose sister Bay forsook her crucifix and converted to Mormonism?

Lou Dobbs was the only MSM

Lou Dobbs was the only MSM host who discussed the North American Union!
Glen Beck interviewed the author, G.Edward Griffin.
Buchanan was an ineffective but the go-to candidate for Goldwater supporters, the 70's Reaganites, etc..

None of these guys are perfect but they were purged from MSM. It's undeniable.

I thought only wolves hung out here

but now I realize there are still sheep among us. If you can't back Rand, you are still fast asleep. I wish the system were fair enough to allow a Rand to be himself, but more than that, I wish with the corrupt system that us liberty lovers would be smart enough to read between the lines. So now you are telling me I have to lose faith in the politicians and the people with this post? Wake up before the rug is gone from under your feet. Rand Paul 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Listen to Rand, and Romney/Ryan 2016 is all you will get

How come the enemy never sells out, but you're supposed to swallow it's "wise" when your so-called friends do?

I'm a fan of Rand ... Not!

Thank you for your eyewitness testimony. Rand Paul sold out to the Dark Side. No further analysis is needed. Deniers will try to rationalize the fact in vain. Let it go and move forward. We don't need Rand.

I Think Rand Knows that Romney has a Hostess Snowballs Chance at

a fat camp of winning.

But he gets all the 'political capital' from endorsing him.

Smart as his dad IMO.

Pandas: The Silent Killer?
next 'Nightline'

Don't let Rand snowball you

His political capital comes only from endorsing the GOP establishment's agenda. As soon as he deviates from it, he will be thrown under the bus. Rand serves only as a shepherd to herd us into the GOP establishment camp. Romney lose? The elites are backing Romney. Their votes matter, not ours.

You're confused...

Ron Paul herded us here into the GOP. Rand doesn't get that credit. That's how we took over Iowa, Maine, NV, Alaska, etc... I think you're confused.

GOP called checkmate

And the GOP rules committee changes herded us out.

Some Shepherd.

He got -1200 votes on the DP post announcing his endorsement, and you think he thinks he is leading any Ron Paul astray?

The only people he is tricking are the RNC and GOP old guard.

BTW I care not one bit if they read this and discover Rand's secret strategy. They are so delusional they will keep calling themselves the leaders up to the very bitter end like Nicolas Ceaucescu.

Pandas: The Silent Killer?
next 'Nightline'