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Appellate Writ Denied, Gilbert Filing New Lawsuit, Track Record Unimpressive

The Writ of Mandamus filed by Richard Gilbert on behalf of the national delegates has been denied. The Appellate Court in the 9th circuit handed down this decision on September 5th.

You can see the original document here.

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What about the kidnapping and foreign donations issues?

OK, Gilbert's approach of getting 50 states to accomodate write-in candidates was not feasible. But what about the kidnapping and foreign donations issues? Are they still viable actions? Seems to me that these are different issues that could be court challenges. I can't imagine not allowing passengers to exit the bus as not being an actionable item. And the same for foreign donations to Romney's campaign. I'm not a lawyer, but these seem like they should be persued.

Whether or not these issues affect Ron Paul's running as a candidate is immaterial: these appear to be committed felonies. Are we going to let the GOP place these actions in the "political-busines-as-usual" category? Does campaigning allow abuse of law?

And who knows what would happen if Romney were found guilty. Would Ron Paul then become the RNC candidate? Or would Obama run just against Johnson? Hmmmm...


Very interesting. Good read

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