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Sure way to get Dr. Paul's message across to masses

Gossip and speculation on DailyPaul continues to damage Dr. Paul's campaign and image.

Please consider three maxims which facilitate a message.

Before posting a topic or commenting on one, ask yourself:

1) Is it true?

If unverified gossip or false, then stop. You are hurting Dr. Paul, others, and you may be committing slander/libel. If topic/comment is true, then yes, proceed … ask yourself:

2) Is it kind?

If it is true, still 'do unto others' is the golden rule. Is the information hurtful or does it demean Dr. Paul or others? If yes, don't post the topic and by all means ignore shady, false, hurtful ones.

If the post/comment is true and kind, then ask:

3) Is it necessary?—'where there are many words, mischief abounds.' Even if the information is true and kind, before posting to the forum or commenting on a topic, seriously considered—is it necessary? Will it put Dr. Paul in a favorable light and inspire others to want to know more? Does the post educate on the issues? Is this topic really necessary to communicate to all who may visit the DailyPaul?

In sum, does your post or commenting on a topic meet the 3 facets for quality communication:

Is it true, kind and is it necessary?

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good.....keep goin!

good.....keep goin!

many are being ...

driven away by gossip and speculation instead of truth.