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Satire, Parody, and Giggles Undesignated

Just wanted to get a consensus and present the idea to the moderators of creating a new topic category for the 'funny stuff' we often post here.

Satire and parody are American traditions that have long been attacked because of their power to display the absurdity of their targets. It is the serious thoughts and discussions generated by political cartoons and magazines like MAD and Punch that make them victims of attack, not their mere content.

I am perhaps guilty of posting more than was necessary by way of 'humorous' posts on DP, my own or other people's material. But I never put up anything that I didn't think might stir some real, sober thoughts in people, and maybe create a worthwhile discussion on the topic or person being laughed at.

The main problem in posting satire is to inform the audience in as subtle a way as possible that they shouldn't take what they are about to read or view too seriously. I've wrestled with the idea of even suggesting a humor category and whether or not other ways of 'warning' the reader worked for me, and others, and decided that a category heading is indeed enough, and from there on, let the buyer beware.

In fact the idea of suggesting this idea is months old. I purposely didn't post it before the convention because I didn't want to create a distraction on something that may seem rather trivial to some.

But now the convention is passed and we are on to a new stage in our growth. The tension is over and the mood has gone from sour back to sweet, as the past few day's posts have shown.

Does Daily Paul run the risk of becoming a political comedy website if it started openly encouraging humorous posts with a new category heading? I don't think so. 2 reasons. First - humor is inspired by real-life events. Not all events have a funny aspect. Those rare events will inspire funny ideas in the minds of just a few people, most of whom will forget to post the idea because they are lazy clowns. Result? Only 1 humorous post should be posted for every 12-19 serious ones.

2nd reason: Most of you DPers aren't as funny as you think so make that 1 in 20 posts will be satire/parody (in the aggregate).

Well, that's my case, Marxist Paulers. Do you think?

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Goofy guy.

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