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States where no declaration needed from Dr. Paul to write-in and have vote counted: AL, IA, WI, PA, CA, VT, NH, DE, OR, RI

UPDATE: Oregon in Play for Write-in Votes for Ron Paul.

It seems that they total the write-ins but do not tally them for the individual candidates. Looks like a good place for a Ron Paul write-in campaign. If suddenly 20% of the votes in some counties are write-ins, it will be pretty obvious who it is.

No declaration from candidate needed. Oregon looks good for a legal challenge demanding they tally the write-ins.

Oregon Secretary of State pertinent chapter:


Oregon 2008 presidential write-in vote:


Missing from previous lists is Delaware. From this link which cross-checks accurately with my research:


There are no requirements in the state of Delaware. Voters can just write in the candidate's name, and the vote will be counted.

Seeming to verify this is this Voter Instructions circular from DE Elections, which states:


Once you have finished making ALL your selections, push the GREEN VOTE button on the lower right of the screen to cast your ballot. You may not use the write-in option during a primary election.

I take the bold to say you MAY use the write-in option during a general election.

New Jersey is problematic. You can write in a president but according to the link above (more inquiries needed): "Write-in votes will only be tabulated if there are enough of them to contest the election."

But how do they know if there are enough of them to contest the election? I guess it's like, hmm there seem to be a lot of these maybe we'd better start counting.

In the other states listed, varying levels of activism are required for write-in votes to count, from running a slate of official presidential electors to simply writing in the candidate.

A visual summary of presidential election write-in laws is here:


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Breaking News - The State of Washington

has reached a full Agreement just now with Plaintiffs to the Write In Case.

Washington State Agrees to permit Unconditionally any Write In Vote and will declare the Write In the winner of the State if the Write In gets the most votes without any restrictions.

Spread the word!

You have to write FULL NAME AND PARTY COMPLETELY (in other words "Ronald Earnest Paul, Republican").

To verify this information please see the link below.

Urgent California Update

The deadline for forms to be received by the Sec. of State is fast approaching. If you want to become an elector for Ron Paul and live outside the Los Angeles area please send your notarized form to:

Office of the California Secretary of State
Elections Division
Attn: Candidates & Elections
1500 11th Street, 5th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814.

It MUST be received there by October 23.

These are the drop box links for the form and instructions. You only need to be a registered voter in California and a Ron Paul supporter.

Please let the coordinator know if you send the form directly at the link below.

p.s. In Calif. the age for electors is 18. Being age 35 only applies to the presidential candidate.


You must be 35 years of age. I think that's ridiculously because you can go get killed in the military at half that age.

If you think these states will play nice you are mistaken. I highly suggest poring over each elector and make sure they are vetted. The bean counters will find any reason to disqualify an elector.

Oregon Registered Voters Are Already Receiving,,,

The Oregon voters pamphlet, sent by the secretary of state, Kate Brown.

{Partially hidden} On page # 11 is this:

Bold letters; You have the right to vote for the person you want. You can "Write In" someone else's name if you don't like the choices on your ballot.



If write ins didn't count in my state I'd probably vote

for the Constitution Party Candidate.

I know that they are "bible thumpers" and all that. But the whole point is that when the SHTF we NEED to be following The Constitution (should be doing it anyway already...)Period End of Story. So if I couldn't vote for Ron Paul in a state that didn't count write-ins I'd vote Constitution Party.

Crowd Surfing Gary Johnson and the "test-tube baby" libertarians aren't really what I'm looking for when it all goes down. Although as you know I LOVE the libertarians in general.

Have you considered the fact...

that we are in the position we are in right now because of the "Bible Thumpers"? Hell even not one of them can name or number all the different factions of Christianity. Not even one can explain the origins of the bible for sure? Test it. When you are done let me know and I will share the truth of the origins that will never be admitted. Just think "Soma"

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

"...as Johnson supporters

"...as Johnson supporters have proven themselves to be ruthless takeover artists and pathological liars." -Sue4Thebillofrights

What the hell.

I've listened to several people over the past 2 days

including Doug Casey's 1 hr speech at Libertopia that was posted here on the DP that all stated in no uncertain terms that there is no way around another great depression or at least very significant (and painful) changes to our financial soverignty by a world bank / IMF / BIS global currency when the dollar dies.

16 trillion cannot be mathmatically paid back. The odds are somewhere around 80-90% that the person in the whitehouse over the next 4 years is going to go down in history as the president who was at the helm when TSHTF.

I understand the never give up attitude of most all Ron Paul supporters but seriously, do you REALLY want to put RP into such a horrible situation as being president when the worst economic collapse in the history of the world starts really getting nasty?

When TSHTF I think we will have a unique opportunity to impeach or expell the criminals in DC. THAT would seem like a good time to try and put our hero in the whitehouse. Let the bastards that created this mess be forced to take the fall. It seems almost cruel for anyone to want Dr Paul to be commander in cheif considering the FED has now declared QE infinity. There is NOTHING RP can do at this point to stop what's headed our way.

Trying to come up with ways to get RP elected almost seems like some are willing to sacrifice Dr Paul just to prove that if they work hard enough the voices of the people will finally be heard and RP will be elected President. Do you REALLY want that to happen? Still? After all we know?

RP had several very good opportuities to force the issue during his campaign and as we all know...he didn't. Don't you think there is a chance he didn't want to be nominated specifically because of what the next president is going to be facing?

We the people are going to have to fill the vacuum when the dollar collapses and we are forced to either fight for freedom or succumb to totalitarianism. I'd rather RP be standing with us when the house of cards comes falling down instead of him being surrounded by criminals in DC where he will constantly put in no win situations.

Probably not going to be a popular viewpoint here on the DP but it's how I feel. And regardless of what any of you think, there is no one I know that respects and loves Dr Paul than I do.

Ron Paul forces nothing

I would NEVER question your respect or love for Dr Paul, but I am left pondering your call for Dr Paul to 'force' anything.
He has said he does not want to be a leader - but IMO that never meant he didn't want to be president.
Force and indoctrination never really work because all you get is fake compliance. Ron Paul is truly trying to raise the thinking capacity of the individual, not create herd mentality.
And when the fall happens, don't you want the best person in the WH to ensure an all out war doesn't happen between the political thugs and the people? Rombamney will unleash the full force of the military upon the people when it happens. Ron Paul never would.
Just think about that for a bit.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

We still need more electors for California.

Please join us and become a California elector. Forms need to be notarized and mailed to the po box before the 20th,

Thank You So Very Much! I Would Love To Add This To My Article!

Thank You So Very Much! I Would Love To Add This To My Article!

I hope you would not mind (doubt you would. We are all in this together).

I have spent days and nights compiling a list and how-to guide.

I am exhausted, but it is 2 minutes to midnight.

Now or Never.

This is my article and I invite you to share with others.

RON PAUL REVOLUTION: The Write-In Campaign:


Wisdom Strategies

Bump for freedom RP


To Clarify

At present (10/12/2012) there are three (3) active Write-in Presidential Candidate Elector drives in progress in California, where (55) Presidential Electors are REQUIRED BEFORE ANY WRITE-IN CANDIDATE WILL BE CERTIFIED AND ELIGIBLE TO HAVE WRITE-IN VOTES COUNTED. CALIFORNIA IS NOT IN PLAY YET!! Only two (2) of the drives officially have Declarations in the hands of the Secretary of State – Paul/Napolitano and Paul/Kwiatkowski. What follows are links to info on the different tickets.

Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano

Ron Paul / Karen Kwiatkowski

Ron Paul / Clyde Coulter http://dl.dropbox.com/u/106853479/REVISED%20Directions%20for...

Although it may appear to be a dividing of the vote, that is very much to the contrary. This is a great example of vetting a VP for Dr. Paul. Really when you think about it 165 Electors out of 37,100 is less than 1/3 % of the people that attended Dr. Paul’s rallies…Just in California…between April 3 – May 3, 2012. We cannot have too many electors for Ron Paul.

Choose your ticket and ACT…NOW!! We still have work to do.

I stood before the man and felt his breath on my face. In his eyes I saw …. A warrior.

Just wondering

I know that in the states that require registration you have to register a candidate for VP and that you need to register a list of electors. In states that don't require write-ins to register how do they choose his electors if he wins? Also, do you need to write in a candidate for VP? Anyone planning to write in Paul I'd suggest you make it as clear as possible who you mean "Dr. Ron Paul of Lake Jackson, Texas".

I've all but decided

to write Ron Paul in here in Alabama. It may be my only chance to vote for the man who has changed my life, my wife's life, and hopefully my childrens' lives.

I guess living in Alabama has at least a few good things about it... being able to write RP in is one of them.

Our family's journey from the Rocket City to the Redoubt: www.suburbiatosimplicity.com

I want Ron Paul as my president more than anything...

but, I will be voting for Gary Johnson in 2012. Voting, to me, is not about feeling good. If that were the case I would vote for Jesus or not vote at all. This is the system we have and advance my cause of more freedom less government, I vote for Gary Johnson. If that helps Barry so be it, Mitt is no savior. It's not about winning, it's all about sending a message.

C_T_CZ's picture

Caution! Write In Votes Likely Won't Be Counted!

Write-ins for Ron Paul likely won't be counted, in almost all states. Check here:

Any state that is not green, you are throwing your vote away. That is almost all states except just a handful. Ron Paul has not filed for write-ins in *any* state, and no one can do that for him. Further, sore-loser laws also invalidate write-ins.

And to top if off, a write-in may even invalidate your entire ballot for anything else you vote on, in some states.

Don't believe people who are trying to get big write-in campaigns going. Not only will write-ins not be counted, but each write-in is a lost opportunity to cast an affirmative vote for the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

If you want to send a rebuke to the GOP for their blatant fraud and corruption in the primaries...

....and if you want to best position the Liberty Movement in 2014 and 2016...

...and if you want to break the 2 party stranglehold currently blocking out all dissenting voices...

...it is imperative to cast a vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson.

A write-in, even if counted, does not help break the 2 party stranglehold. Voting Green Party, or Constitution Party, also does not, since they have no hope of attaining 15% of the vote.

Only voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson gives us a shot at 15%, and therefore a shot at truly impacting the status quo.

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof

Map is not completely correct.

States where you should write in Ron Paul are: AL, IA, WI, PA, CA, VT, NH, DE, OR, RI (map does not show OR.)

A vote for Johnson means we are submitting to GOP and media tactics. In addition Ron Paul's message and associations are clearer than Johnson's: no NDAA, end the Fed, end the bank bail-outs. They are not just bullet points on a website, Ron Paul has lived them and breathed them and stood on the House floor defending our rights. In states where we already know it will count write-in Ron Paul. In other states wait for the outcome of Richard Gilbert's lawsuit to make write votes count in all 50 states.

Also it is a Johnson troll lie that a write-in vote can invalidate your entire ballot. Please stop repeating it, as Johnson supporters have proven themselves to be ruthless takeover artists and pathological liars. Because of your tactics I have already persuaded at least 7 people not to vote for Johnson who were going to do so, and will continue. Good job.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

How are we communicating to

How are we communicating to people in these states to write in Ron Paul? Not all of them read this forum.

Southern Agrarian

send them this website:


it's sort of "HQ". Many Facebooks on it too I'll post a few in a minute.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

How do I write Ron Paul's name?

I live in Iowa... how would I write Ron Paul's name in? Would I simply write "Ron Paul", or do I need to put "Ronald Paul" or "Ronald E. Paul", or something else?

hey liar whassup?


Release the Sandy Hook video.

For you, it will be eating crow in November


the pathological liar

strikes again.

Yes he is. You keep lying about this take your Johnson trolling

somewhere else. Your boy cannot win and a large write-in for our Ron Paul sends a much stronger message. Come at me.


Release the Sandy Hook video.


She is voting for Romney, see how pathetic you write-in hero worshippers have become? All you do is the same thing the GOP did to us. You look silly, uninformed and most importantly you are doing the opposite of what Ron Paul would do.

For "sore loser" states, write in Carol Paul.

Nobody will doubt it's really a vote for Ron.

no but it would be a good idea in all states to write:

Congressman Ron Paul.

Release the Sandy Hook video.