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States where no declaration needed from Dr. Paul to write-in and have vote counted: AL, IA, WI, PA, CA, VT, NH, DE, OR, RI

UPDATE: Oregon in Play for Write-in Votes for Ron Paul.

It seems that they total the write-ins but do not tally them for the individual candidates. Looks like a good place for a Ron Paul write-in campaign. If suddenly 20% of the votes in some counties are write-ins, it will be pretty obvious who it is.

No declaration from candidate needed. Oregon looks good for a legal challenge demanding they tally the write-ins.

Oregon Secretary of State pertinent chapter:


Oregon 2008 presidential write-in vote:


Missing from previous lists is Delaware. From this link which cross-checks accurately with my research:


There are no requirements in the state of Delaware. Voters can just write in the candidate's name, and the vote will be counted.

Seeming to verify this is this Voter Instructions circular from DE Elections, which states:


Once you have finished making ALL your selections, push the GREEN VOTE button on the lower right of the screen to cast your ballot. You may not use the write-in option during a primary election.

I take the bold to say you MAY use the write-in option during a general election.

New Jersey is problematic. You can write in a president but according to the link above (more inquiries needed): "Write-in votes will only be tabulated if there are enough of them to contest the election."

But how do they know if there are enough of them to contest the election? I guess it's like, hmm there seem to be a lot of these maybe we'd better start counting.

In the other states listed, varying levels of activism are required for write-in votes to count, from running a slate of official presidential electors to simply writing in the candidate.

A visual summary of presidential election write-in laws is here:


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You could ask them when it is that they decide the write-ins

could win and start counting them.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Thanks Sue !