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HAARP, Lightning Rods & Twin Towers Have in Common?

HAARP is the largest RF broadcaster in the World at 100 Billion Watts. The Twin Towers 163' Antennae was the largest RF receiver. HAARP's director admits that it creates a Hole in Heaven & if a Conductor was below (The Twin Towers), it would cause energy discharge to the ground equal to 100 lightning strikes/sec & dustify everything. This is the reason 1000 people jumped to their death. They were being electrified.

The Twin Towers were built in the middle of the Hudson River as a positive and negative charged "Tesla Towers", according to Wikipedia thought up by Rockefeller in 1943 after Tesla died. Most likely with the assistance of Curious George. All modern buildings built like a Faraday Cage & Lighting Rod are energy collectors that send the 100,000 Amps of energy back to the Energy Grid or redirected as a weapon.

The New World Trade Center Antennae IS a Lightning Rod, perfectly conducted by a triangular ceramic outer shell. The circular coil at the top of the new tower, but below the Antennae is a Tesla Coil.

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The bigger question...

...what is HAARP up to right now. The HAARP website has been down for awhile!

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this person's last words don't mention being electrified at all

but he is crushed (warning, someone dies here)

there is no need to explain "dustification" as it, and Judy Wood, have no basis in reality.

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gratuitous assertion

"there is no need to explain "dustification" as it, and Judy Wood, have no basis in reality."

That is a gratuitous assertion which can be as equally gratuitously denied. Go back to sleep.

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did you watch the linked interview of her?

I sincerely beg to differ. She's the one making "gratuitous assertions" and not convincing anyone versed in the science she purports to know.

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Who is using the free energy?

Who is using the free energy?

There are rumers

And video from NASA showing a torsion grid around the planet designed by tesla .
A planetary shield done.
HAARP and the towers could be part of this grid.
If this is true then it explaines why it was taken down.
But if it is true then why was the shield hit down and that brings us to another question
What was allowed to be let in.
And now it is prob back in function again after they rebuilt the tower.
Soo remember the Norway spiral?
Also keep in mind CERN was at peak power that day with the LHC and the spiral was coming from HAARP
Now we Finnaly know Know how this grid is functioning.
The smoking gun.
I think this is what they didn't want us to know about.
All the black project military free energy stuff going on.
Remember the 2 flashes of light before the planes hit the tower?
Thats how the grid worked on incoming objects.
That's also how Roswell happened I'm guessing.
Have you ever seen those tesla coil sphere glass domes at Spencer's where the electricity follows your fingers?
That's how electricity is transmitted to certain nodes on the planet.
This also may be the explanation of the chem trails.
To create missle shields around the USA kinda like a bug zapper.
9/11 may not have been an inside Job
It was an attack on the planetary missle defense grid and free energy systems.
By possible rebel groups or even aliens on the surface of the planet.
Maybe something left or arrived.
You know after Ronald fast forward 30 years its like everything has been put on autopilot with controls on everything.
Everything is scripted MSM and politicians are all on scripts.
Everything is fake
It's like an artificial environment has been set up to keep people from knowing the truth about all the tesla projects and free energy to the point where we have been forced into a system designed to protect oligarch power by creating supply and demand on fissile fuels.
Governments wouldn't exist anymore and money wouldn't be a factor.
I think when we look back at 9/11 in 30 years and the liberty movement we can see a shift taken place
Moving away from stoneage war and control to an advanced society free energy and obsolete war.
Moving away from government control and a debt based society to a
Libertarion republic sound based free market system .
Where the first part of the 21st century was a struggle of the PTB to keep this system intact without the public knowing and ultimately failing.
Mankind is now on the verge of ephofinmy.