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Ron Paul and the state of the Republican Party

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 9, 2012 — It has now been over a week since the Republican National Convention nominated Mitt Romney. Now that there has been some time to reflect and examine the situation, it is imperative that we look back and analyze the state of the Republican Party and its future.

The Republican Party has been especially maddening in the past few months, going back and forth between sensibility and stupidity, mostly stupidity. On the one hand, under prodding from Ron Paul they have begun to adopt more logical positions on foreign policy and the Federal Reserve.

On the other hand, they have nominated the weakest candidate they had with one of the worst records to face President Obama in November. They have snubbed Ron Paul and his followers, and have likely lost a large chunk of new voters.


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all those

Votes that they, (the msm and est. Rep.) Have been so busy cheating over, none of us will ever know what our numbers they are so scared of unless Ron has a swift change of heart and goes third party preferably with Jesse. Then we will see those numbers they work so hard for us to not see. I will bet dollars to peanuts Dr. Paul s front runner status will show by the millions of new to join the party he pick.

Don't hate the player, hate the game!!!