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Marianne Stebbins: How we took 33 of 40 Delegates for Ron Paul MN Speech + Conference Call

“Live Free” Speech at the Ron Paul “We Are the Future” Rally, Tampa, August 26, 2012
by Marianne Stebbins | September 1, 2012

Five and a half years ago, throughout the state of Minnesota, something peculiar happened. Introverts and other nerds started crawling out of their parents’ basements to voluntarily make contact with unknown life forms, life forms who were luckily also introverts and a little nerdy. People who had never known each other started to talk, eventually started to meet. No, not just on forums and facebook, but in real, live person.

The Zombie Apocalypse, you ask? Even, better. The word in the underground was that a most unusual man was to run for President. But, wait! These people hated politics. A lot. The lying, the empty promises, the ever-encroaching government, distinctions without any difference, always two sides of the same coin.

So when word started circulating that a politician who dared to talk about forbidden topics such as the Federal Reserve and our inability to afford unconstitutional wars and, above all, had consistently upheld his oath to the Constitution, was going to run for the highest office, tens of thousands of people who had previously checked out of politics in disgust sat up and took notice.

Those early headwaters formed the streams and tributaries that formed the river, and when it all came together, we saw some modest political success in MN in 2008. But 2008 was not the end point. That message flowed stronger, farther and wider each year.

We used to joke about how we needed to clone Ron Paul. We don’t joke about it anymore. We’ve done it. Where there was one man carrying the message alone, there are now many thousands, perhaps millions of us working together to spread the message that we live better when we live free. So where did these thousands and thousands of clones come from?

No, not all from their parents’ basements. Someone, somewhere told each of them the truth, patiently and in small doses, and opened their eyes.

We will be hearing a lot this week about “our nation’s leaders.”

What are leaders? Our leaders are not in Congress or state legislatures. Congressmen and Legislators are followers. They are representatives. They change their views to fit that of the population. Most of them.

The leaders are in urban neighborhoods, suburbs, rural townships. They are the ones discussing ideas with their co-workers, family and neighbors.

Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have found that, when an idea is held by less than 10% of society, its growth is slow and difficult, but when just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society. The leaders, in their neighborhoods, are those that get us that 10%.

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ytc's picture

yes, great quotes.

"Our goal is to live free. . . Politics is something we do defensively, out of necessity. . . "

The Liberty Movement is looking for direction right now.

Let's learn what MN accomplished from 2007 until now, makes sense to copy success, doesn't it?

We had a well organized

We had a well organized campaign effort here. People like Marrianne who were willing to step up and get the job done. She's on their list now...they are keeping a watchful eye on her.

I hope to try to continue her efforts in my area. I live up north about 4 hours. The campaign didn't focus much out here so I often feel alone. My district chairman is a Ron Paul supporter also. We are slowly gaining ground. soon enough MN will be the great Liberty state!