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What Do Ron Paul, Northwest BioTherapeutics, and Novartis have in Common?

On August 2, 2012, Representative Ron Paul of Texas stood up in front of Congress and introduced the Compassionate Freedom of Choice Act. The bill, if passed, would legalize experimental drug use by terminally ill patients if they so chose, without interference from the FDA. At the link above, you will find Dr. Paul's speech, where he recounts story after story of terminally ill cancer patients who were denied access to potentially life-saving drugs because, alas, they were not yet FDA approved. Those patients died.

The bill has virtually no chance of passing. The reason is simple. If the FDA is not allowed complete control over the pharmaceutical industry, then any cracks in its authority may wake people up to the possibility that they actually cause harm. Imagine if these experimental drugs actually helped some patients and saved their lives without FDA approval or in the legal avenue of an FDA approved clinical trial. People would start questioning the FDA. The FDA would have to go on the defensive. Some people up on top may lose their jobs, and that is unacceptable. This is why no government agency, once enacted, ever dies.


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