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Video: Man (Oathkepper) Investigated by police for buying ammunition

Commercial fisherman questioned over purchase of a few boxes of ammo even as feds buy bullets in huge quantities

Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars.com

A commercial fisherman was investigated by police for purchasing a few boxes of ammunition at his local gun store, a shocking example of how Americans are being intimidated out of exercising their second amendment rights even as the federal government buys up bullets in vast quantities.


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anybody got a phone number to call? cops? gun shop?

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It's dove season and I purchased several boxes of shotgun

shells. Deer season is upon us and I will be buying .30-06 ammo. Not as much as I bought for dove hunting, but I wonder if I'm on a list, or since Texas is such a big hunting state if they even bother.

Be Careful Ralphy!

Eyes everywhere..