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Save me from the ... a vote for A is the same as a vote for X


Welcome my friends to the show that never ends come inside come inside

When will people wake up the the SHOW?

A vote for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson is NOT a vote for anyone else.


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I think those people forgot what the word FOR means

Let them know that they need to wake up. Until everyone quits voting for Republicrats, we'll keep getting corrupt, warmongers as President. Remind them of Einstein's definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over (voting Rep and Dem) and expecting different results.

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I accidentally figured out a great way to counter it.

I was at a friend's place, and the beverages of choice were root beer and Dr. Pepper. A guy got a drink, and I asked him which one it was.

"Neither," he said, "it's actually tea."

Then it dawned on me. My response:
"By choosing to drink tea and refusing to drink either Dr. Pepper or root beer, you've actually chosen to drink Dr. Pepper!" And thus was exposed the idiocy of the "A vote for A is a vote for X" claim.

This is how the conversation normally goes for me..

“If you don’t vote for my candidate you are voting for the opposition”… “No If I don’t vote for your candidate or the opposition, I am voting for the candidate that I want” .. “But he will lose”.. “I know, I am not voting to show I know how to pick a winner, Otherwise I would vote for the opposition. I am voting to show My displeasure with the 2 party system”

Is that guy a paid member of

Is that guy a paid member of the RNC? So many articles, personal accounts of "you Paul people need to stop making us look bad and help us beat Obamney, you wouldn't want 4 more years would you?"

Yes I would actually. That way moronic people that knee-jerk vote for the candidate with a (R) next to his name will come to their senses and stop supporting establishment candidates peddled to us via Fox.

Southern Agrarian

Not voting for Obama or Romney

is just that: Refusing to give your support to either of them. It certainly is not a vote for either of them. Since it is impossible to know beforehand which of them would do more harm in office the next four years (is there even a way to quantify it?), we should adopt a "non-interventionist" policy, and let God decide who lives and who dies (politically). Support and vote for neither, keep our own hands clean. Do not participate in evil.