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Rand Paul is on live at Huffington Post live right now.

I'm not gonna watch, but if anyone is interested: http://live.huffingtonpost.com/

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I thought the Rand interview was good.

There were some good questions from the interviewer and also Libertarian and Democrat guests. Rand had some strong arguments - such as regarding poorly defined, ambiguous environmental protection regulations (horrible story about that guy who improved his property and went to jail for it!); he also gave some weak arguments, such as in my opinion re abortion issue.

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What happenned?

I was watching this and it just cut out as he was about to answer a question and it won't come back- only other stories show up. Is this working for anyone????


Always good for some stupid shit

He supports the republican and democratic positions on Israel and Iran..Go RAnd!!

Lets hear what crazy

thing hes going to say today,,

You mean like his recent

Statements that the GOP should stop promoting a foreign policy of bombing everyone? That was crazy!


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except those countries that are a problem for Israel.

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Are you implying Rand Paul

is bought and paid for?

I would think

thats more of an explicit statement.

Haters gonna hate


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