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Its time to push Gary Johnson. Mat Larson has him at 24% in this video.

I was skeptical at first of Gary Johnson, but now I believe its time for us to push this guy into the national lexicon. We must make him just as well known as Ralph Nader was back in 04. I think we can do it if we get all the Paul supporters going hard at as we did for Ron. This number seems over optimistic, but here is Larson's video.


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i laugh at you!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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GJ should be in the debates

However, for me, this isn't a democracy. I vote for what I believe in, and I believe in the Ron Paul message. To vote for Gary Johnson would be to vote for someone who's message isn't consistent with his actions. I'll indeed vote for someone who's views don't line up 100% with mine, but I can't vote for someone who doesn't have the history to back up what he says he believes in.

I believe in the comments below. I think he is bottom feeding. I do think the Paul fest had a weak message. It should have been Gary Johnson/ anyone but Obama/ lesser of 2 evils fest.

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

Paul Fest did not have a weak message

Are you joking? At Paul Festival it was clear that we were anti-Romney. At the Sun Dome event Mitt's name was never mentioned---by anyone. That event was filled with outright Romney endorsers! Are you blind? How can you get this so 100% backward?

hell to the NO to Gary Johnson

I'll be telling everyone I know to either not vote or write in Ron Paul.

NoMo JoInMo

Someone commented on your last post that you might be a shill for Romney. I've went back and read your latest comments and posts. They might be correct. You posted one about abortion. Though I do not follow what Johnson has said he supports in this issue. He comes out with it and has the guts to say it. But, he considers it a states issue. Romney, has flipped flopped on this issue. Why? To garner votes Like yours. To show our discontent with the republican party in states that will not count Ron Paul write ins. I feel the best way is to say hell no to Romney/Obama and vote Gary Johnson. You sir have a vendetta that you are posting negative things on the DP about Gary Johnson. Why don't you go around posting things anti Romney. Leaving people on here the privilege of deciding on who to vote or not vote for weather it be Gary Johnson or Virgil Goode. The two party candidates are the ones we have been fighting against yenmor and amabo! Oh why don't you ask GJ a question tonight.

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Now you're grasping at straws.


Don't vote for President

Free includes debt-free!

Writing in Ron Paul is illogical

Voting for President in 2012 is an emotional exercise.

Free includes debt-free!

Do whatever you want, but

Do whatever you want, but your vote won't make a difference with Ron not on the ballot in the majority of states.

If Ron asks you to vote for Johnson (and I have no information that says he will), would you?

"(and I have no information that says he will)"


What a joke!

Go have a cup of coffee.

your vote won't make a difference either

Gary Johnson has no chance, it's laughable.

He won't be in the debates, he won't be on tv, he won't get national attention.

It's 100% a wasted vote that the Libertarian Party is trying to bottom feed off Ron Paul supporters.

If Johnson can't get half the support on the DailyPaul from us hard core liberty candidates, the every-day-watch-your- news once a day sound bite tool voter won't even have a chance with him.

C'mon, just sit home, crack open a beer or a bottle and let the good times roll on election night.

Should be fun watching the GOP dig their grave with the Romney/Ryan thrilla from Spendzilla.

Sounds like you want him to fail

I'd be writing in Paul if there were momentum for it, but there isn't.

Johnson's at 4% already, with no media exposure.

5% gets the LP easier ballot access.

15% gets him in debates.

Those are significant goals, not sure why the bitterness.

fail at what?

Ha ha ha...he has absolutely no chance. Total wasted effort. It's like throwing a cup of milk at a raging forest fire.

Now if Johnson was exceptional (he's not), even if it was a wasted effort, it would be worth it to vote for someone so worthy, like it was for Dr. Paul.

What "effort"?

The effort of flipping an extra lever while you're voting for local liberty candidates?

You're actually encouraging people to stay home? How does this help the movement?

Not sure how your ballot works in your state

but we can leave the Presidential slot blank, I'm just saying not to vote for President or write Ron Paul in if possible.

Yes yes, of course if you have a liberty candidate vote for that person.

Also by Ron Paul folks voting Gary Johnson, you will get blamed for a Romney loss, let the GOP establishment hang themselves. Gary Johnson has no chance, all those liberty candidates you are trying to help will get crucified if they blame Romney loss on Paul.

I am completely OK with

I am completely OK with getting "blamed for a Romney loss".

I suspect PSY the Gangnam Style rapper would get 24% as well

in this kind of poll.

Ron used to beat Obama in these kind of polls.

I apologize for the threadjack but what I do think is remarkable is that Gary is now polling at 4% nationally among registered voters according to CNN/ORC.


I have a question...

Why is the push _always_ for us to vote for Gary?

Why is the push never for getting Gary to adopt more of our positions?

I don't understand why the Johnson folks aren't screaming "Johnson will be having an online Town Hall tonight at 9EST" (which is true). "Please attend and get Gary as close to our positions as possible!" - isn't that what this should be about?

To me, that is an indicator of 1 of 2 things. Either you (the ones pushing Gary) are completely satisfied with his positions... keeping drones at the ready in our bases in Afghanistan, intervening when Congress says "Genocide!" Or, you disagree with trying to change anyone's positions (which doesn't make sense).

I don't understand why the guys that are having conference calls to get Dr. Paul on the ticket with Johnson are having a conference call tonight - AT THE SAME TIME as the Johnson town hall. (Why not just attend the town hall and ask Gary if the effort is even worth it?)

The whole thing is fishy. There is a flashing light going off in my head "something isn't right here..." - but I can't put my finger on it.

I'm seeing a lot of push in both diretions, seems healthy to me

Lot's of threads about issues with humanitarian intervention, abortion, "CFR", grasp of austrian economics, death penalty, etc.

I bet we'll see a lot of push tonight at the town hall.

I will help to try and get

I will help to try and get him into the debates but I still cannot vote for him in good conscience. But I'll try to help in any other way I can, just to progress the liberty movement a little more.

The Revolution Continues..



a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

if GJ gets into the presidential debates

he will be polling at 80% with the Obama & Romney both in single digits -- mark my words.

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Hell yeah Tom!!!!!!