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Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World

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Read the Swiss Constitution to find out why crime is low.

First, off there are far fewer crimes against the 'State' due to far fewer LAWS that create crime where it would not exist otherwise.

Second, Subsidiarity! This is probably the most important requirement of Swiss Gov't that exists. It prevents Nationalizing local problems and concerns. It encourages the Canton (aka County) to solve its own problems by preventing the Confederation from solving them. Article 5a http://endisfar.com/swissconstitution.pdf

Third, Independence, related to Subsidiarity, is common/widespread. Very few people are dependent upon the Government for safety and/or sustenance. People who are Dependent (like 50+% of Americans) commit more crimes than those who are not Dependent upon others.

The Founders would easily mistake Switzerland for the Republic they created. They would not recognize The United States as anything remotely close to what they fought and died for.

Why isnt the Swiss contantly mentioned in US gun debates

Gun rights advocates keep talking of a right to a militia.

But how about states trying to actually change the state national guard to a militia.

One would expect this post to be predominate in the Daily Paul. Why Not? What laws that the Swiss have that can be imported to the US?


In Philly PA RichardKanePA

Something else that helps keeps the Swiss free.

Well, some of them, those in Appenzell. No electronic voting. No paper ballots. They gather in the city center and vote in person. (By the way, the men are all armed.)



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Very interesting.

Thanks for sharing this information.

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Thanks for this post


Progressive fantasy world.

Progressive fantasy world. Everyone is part of the state and individual thought has been eradicated by force.

Southern Agrarian

Soap and lampshades, REALLY DUDE?

The Jews of WWII who lived in Germany and Western Europe were a COMMUNIST FOREIGN fifth column enemy of the West, and were providing tactical information and assistance to their masters in Moscow.

Much like the Zionist occupying entity called Israel by it's supporters, the USSR was, at least originally, a Zionist entity hell bent on destroying freedom and Christianity everywhere. In kahoots with the Vatican, Trotsky, Lenin, and the zydo-apartheid Politburo were responsible for the extermination of Eastern Europes Protestant population, a well documented REAL holocaust of 30,000,000 Christians.

Yes, WWII was actually just an extension of the 500 year battle between the Catholic heretics, and the far more biblically sound protestants.

Like most of the rest of the original spook stories associated with the phony holocaust of 'Jews", the soap and lampshade stories we learned in our K-12 government propaganda indoctrination program, otherwise known as the public school system, has been abandoned by the big $$$$ Holocau$t(tm) lobby for decades.

No soap, no lampshades, no gas chambers, no Treblinka, no 6,000,000 Jews, no other holocaust than the one perpetrated against the Christians by the atheist, non-semitic, formerly Jewish converts the Ashkenazi.

For clarity on this issue, people should watch the Auschwitz expose by under-cover reporter, and atheist Ashkenazi Jew, David Cole on youtube.


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What kind of 'help'

could someone of such obviously limited vocabulary and punctuational capacity offer me, perhaps a little re-education at a FEMA camp?

Or would you just send me straight to Guantanamo?

LOL, nothing funnier than witnessing the reactions of the pudding brained products of government indoctrination centers trying to use their PC pseudo-logic to defend their pre-programmed 'understanding' against what they consider to be blashphemy.

Don't be afraid, buddy, just grab your butt cheeks, and, pull, your. head out. of. your ass real. slow...

I can answer this in 2

I can answer this in 2 points:

1. Homogeneous society

2. Education

I know the left will argue point 1, and the Right will argue point 2, but this is the reality and you are kidding yourself if you think I'm wrong.

Not so just school education but a good education at home.

They're well brought up.

Also economic also don't have ghetto's like other countries.

Perhaps they're low flat tax rate comes into it...

If a homogeneous society was

[Edited] I wanted to make a point on the homogeneousness but I changed my mind.

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No! You are wrong!

No! You are wrong! Multiculturalism is our friend. Importing millions of people from third world countries is good for homogenous societies. Diversity is our stremf.


Southern Agrarian

Crime rates have inverse relationship to religion

The less monotheism the less crime. Least amount of crime by the way is Japan not Switzerland both of which seriously lack religion.

I can tell you that very, very little of the crime in the UK is

Committed by religious people. I can also tell you that a higher portion of people are religious in Switzerland than here.

Most of it is committed by irreligious people who aren't atheist thinkers however they would tell you religion's "bollocks".

These people tend to be children of incompetent parents. The only religions demographics I can think of that I've heard of that tend to commit crimes are Irish gypsies.

Religious people in the UK are quite mild mannered hard working types.

What are you talking about?

What are you talking about? Been to any inner cities lately? It is the crime reduction programmes run by Christians in British prisons that are having the biggest effect in reducing re-offending rates. The perps aren't there because they are monotheists. India, a polytheist Hindu nation, has high prostitution, including child prostitution rates. Look at officially Buddhist Thailand's sex industry, and Heroin. In many African countries Christianity and Islam are just veneers on animist religion; they have mega-corruption, sexual proclivity as part of their male culture, slavery and child sacrifice.

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So many in the world have

So many in the world have been killed for the sake of an idea!!!

Religion is only a thought process, it is not a physical thing, it cannot kill people.

Government is only a set of structured rules, it is not a physical thing, it cannot kill people.

Guns are only formed pieces of metal, they have no autonomous moving parts, it cannot kill people.

But, in the hands of Man, all 3 of these have wreaked havoc on the world for centuries.

Southern Agrarian

Brainwaves have an inverse relationship to idiocy

The Soviet Union, Commie China, and the rest of the atheist countries don't/didn't just lack religion, they hunted it down and killed it systematically to the tune of 100,000,000 lost souls, of course they were only exterminating mono-theists though so I am sure you see no fault with that, right?.

Lowest crime in the Western world perhaps

considering murder rates as recorded by the UN:

Hong Kong 0.2
Singapore 0.3
Japan 0.4
Switzerland 0.7
Sweden 1.0
UK 1.2
US 4.2

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Why would a libertarian do that?

Considering statistics provided by the UN is a sign of psychosis.

The UN is the absolute arch-nemesis of the limited government revolution.

And they are trying to ban guns...

I don't care for the UN at

I don't care for the UN at all. The data is not produced by the UN: it comes from each country and the UN only compiles it. Murders are one of the few things that a country cannot hide so it's probably the only measure of crime that is worth considering for an international comparison.
If the UN had falsified this data, do you really think it would have put Hong Kong and Singapore at the top?
I don't want to make a statement for or against guns, just saying that Switzerland is most likely not the safest place. The way I see it, crime depends more on how harsh and efficient a justice system is, and less on whether people have the right to own guns. Hence the difference between Switzerland and the US. One shouldn't go making false statements just to support the freedom to own guns. This freedom is valuable in itself so it does not need extra arguments.

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I wish to God that we were

I wish to God that we were more like Switzerland when it came to firearms ownership. They get to KEEP their military service rifle and the government actually supplies their ammo for practice!

I had heard that Switzerland was starting to introduce the type of gun-control that some other European countries such as Great Britain have imposed upon their citizens. If that is true then it is a real shame.

Larry in North Carolina
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Good Video. James Madison Presents MILITIA as THIS:

The Definition MILITIA by James Madison, is that of a CIVILIAN FORCE, which is to serve as an >>> OPPOSING FORCE to any standing army;

Along with this is a very defining statement that the MILITIA be officered by men chosen "among THEMSELVES"; Not by the standing army, and not by government.

James Madison who wrote the Constitution together the Bill of Rights:

"The highest number to which a standing army can be carried in any country does not exceed one hundredth part of the souls, or one twenty-fifth (1/25th) part of the number able to bear arms.

This "PORTION" would not yield, in the United States, an army of more than twenty-five or thirty thousand men.

To "these" would be opposed

(APP: VERY IMPORTANT - indicating that the "MILITIA" is to be a >>>"OPPOSING FORCE" to the standing army as well as that of foreign enemies)

a "MILITIA" amounting to near half a million "CITIZENS" with arms in their HANDS,

"officered by men chosen from >>>"among THEMSELVES",

(APP: Not chosen by the government or by the standing army)

fighting for "their" (the citizen / militia's) common liberties and united and conducted by government"S" (Very Local so that they will represent the "citizens" will) possessing their (the citizen / militia's) affections and confidence.

It may well be doubted whether a "MILITIA" "thus circumstanced" could ever be conquered by such a "proportion" (i.e. POWER RATIO) of regular troops (i.e. standing army).

Besides the advantage of (THE CITIZENS) being armed, it forms a barrier against the "enterprises of ambition", more insurmountable than any which a simple government of any form can admit of.

The governments of Europe are afraid to trust the people with arms.

If they did, the people would surely shake off the yoke of tyranny, as America did.

Let us not insult the free and gallant citizens of America with the suspicion that they would be less able to defend the rights of which they would be in actual possession than the debased subjects of arbitrary power would be to rescue theirs from the hands of their oppressors."

American Patriot Party.CC

More on Militia & Quotes:

RichardTaylorAPP - Chair - American Patriot Party.CC

John Locke #201, 202, 212 to 232; Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions 1798; Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788; Rights of the Colonists 1772.

Great point!

He was also instrumental in composing the Bill of Rights

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
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As well...

I do not think the Swiss watch porn, hollywood movies and cable all day either.

From what I have seen they seem pretty active, not many fat people there. Then again I do not remember any 'buffits' there lol

Their police seem very fit...I think the there is a 200 pound limit lol

Thus their health care costs will be lower in the long run.

Imagine the benefits/insurance of public health care for all those thousands of police, firefighter, bureaucrats, guards, soldiers, over 300 pounds...no wonder the taxes will be higher and higher to cover their 'butts' so to speak :)

p.s. that will take half the budgets alone :O Wonder what the average mass is of a public servant?

Russian Generals and other Officers have the same problem and new sized uniforms have to be issued regularly.

Ther average mass of a Russian General is 280 pounds imo.


Same with Sweden!

They don't bother in other country's businesses. No homeless, minimal crime, free college and healthcare. I spend summers in Sweden and the taxes are about the same as in the US. But my tax dollars go to execution drones and wars.

Might be a good time to invest in the swiss franc

what do we think? Anyone know how much gold the swiss own?


is why we don't need a standing army. If the Swiss can do it, so can we.

“With laws shall our land be built up, but with lawlessness laid waste.”
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